Home DNA AncestorVery confused by my DNA results | My HERITAGE DNA
Very confused by my DNA results | My HERITAGE DNA

Very confused by my DNA results | My HERITAGE DNA

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25 thoughts on “Very confused by my DNA results | My HERITAGE DNA

  1. What ever your chemical composition origins ……….. you are stunningly beautiful.

  2. The only surprise is that you are Jewish.

  3. what about these Nigerian ancestors ??? because that is the foundation loool start from the begining!

  4. Paul Anka says:

    What happens if you tongue kiss or go down on a person shortly before you spit in the tube, do you take on their DNA?

  5. Elegant says:

    You got Greek DNA blood because most of Egyptian people are mixed with Greek, don’t forget the Cleopatra
    Pharaoh of Egypt she was from Greece

  6. rob dog says:

    …….so many observations to make … Wherever Dinas genes are from they are very good ones ! The human race is practically brother and sister … at some time in our past we suffered catastrophic population collapse and so now there is more genetic diversity in a group of 50 chimpanzees than in the entire human race …i am from the Mediterranean..it is a cultural and genetic stew … Alexander was a Macedonian … that means he would have spoken Ancient Macedonian and possibly Ancient Greek both of which are different from their modern counterparts.The Turks and the Greeks exchanged parts of their population…. the Greeks living in Turkey and speaking only Turkish were sent back to Greece and the Turks living in Greece and only speaking Greek were sent back to Turkey…These genetic tests seem a bit hit or miss to me , there are lots of reports of shoddy workmanship from these companies,the math involved in tracing ancestry is staggering …20 generations means literally millions of grand parents ….On a last note I grew up
    In Mallorca Spain it's a region rich in Mediterranean history … a lot of the villages on the island have Arab names and on the other hand Jewish spaniards played an important part in Iberian history…also they suffered terribly at the hands of the inquisition… many being driven to becoming coversos …. Cristian on the surface … Jewish in the heart .. so much mixing of blood . Of course every seafaring power in the region came to Mallorca and left their stamp .So to conclude …I feel ancestry testing at the moment is in its infancy and is a racket to make money ..and we all came from their the same building blocks of life so makes us all related …Namaste

  7. Wf Coaker says:

    Don’t go confusing your genes with your ethnic heritage. Humans beings have been getting around ever since there were humans. We’ve all got a mix of genes from different racial groups, the percentages will vary, but the most our genes can tell us is how our ancestors got around, who they fell in love with, and who they had children with. You nailed your ethnic heritage when you said you were half Egyptian, half European. I’d like to know where my genes come from, but it wouldn’t define my ethnicity, that’s defined by where I grew up and the culture I grew up in, not where some member of my family came from generations ago. That’s just the genetic evidence of how interesting my ancestors’ lives were, lol

  8. janwoG says:

    Easy, North African pirates abducted slaves in Southern Europe to be sold in harems.

  9. Daryl Webb says:

    Every single individual on the planet, whether they be saint or scumbag, has the MOTHER GENE in them…
    That MOTHER GENE is the incredible African Woman DNA line… from the beautiful start of all humanity… to the damn mess that we are in now….
    Nigerians are great people… Well educated and ambitious.!

  10. Blue Steel says:

    For all the bafoons calling Alaxander the great, greek. He was from macedonia. and no it was not greek.

  11. Happy Face says:

    How is jewish an ethnicity ? It’s a frkng religion guys

  12. Glock Lehm says:

    You look more like a Kuwait girl

  13. If you understood history The Nation of Ham and his 4 Children were a dark race of people NOT Caucasian. Egypt who is Mitsraim is a son of Ham along with Kush Lybia and Canaan. Caucasian come from Japeth who had 7 sons. Everyone not knowing THEIR history has been lied to by HaSatan and those who do his work to deceive the people. The joke is on all of you. And not knowing TRUTH will send you to tue lake of ? when the Negro HaMashiach return to destroy this ? in judgement. Let that sink in. Read the True and only bible not the Quran or other false books

  14. Iberia, is that a country???? ????????

  15. why are you wearing a hijab in Europe gross can't wait for the next crusade

  16. 75.8% european correlates pretty well with your looks, in my humble opinion. 😉

  17. azkhenazi Jewish!???

  18. MxTooReal says:

    3.1 % black african. North african isnt the same as bantu blacks

  19. Ashkenazi Jewish is Jews from Eastern Europe. Ashkenaz was an old name for Germany…
    Maybe I'm biased because I'm Jewish but not knowing that or "Iberian"…. Maybe a bit sad

  20. actually there aren't any dna data for Egypt

  21. L L says:

    I’ll bet her dad will not be pleased at the Jewish part . Lol

  22. F NC says:

    so what bro… 69 pound for nothingggggg….be smart guys…

  23. Ashkenazi Jewish are from Eastern Europe and places like Poland, Russia, Israel etc. I’m 98% Ashkenazi lol

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