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31 thoughts on “WHAT ETHNICITY AM I? (Taking a DNA test)

  1. Angmar93 says:

    why are you dressed like a fisherman

  2. lol did the guy replied?

  3. where you born in america or finland ?

  4. Otilia says:

    Heyyy I’m from Lithuania!??❤️

  5. Vera says:

    According to the map you're also a little bit Belarusian ?

  6. Brigister says:

    just saying but neither brasil nor mexico are central america ahah

  7. The first time I saw you I thought you were mixed with white and black.

  8. Looking at this language on your phone i am fucking confused

  9. Hi Saara! Actual greetings from El Salvador!

  10. Saara just came back from Gorton's Fisherman Commercial.

  11. Anne Siri says:

    She sounds like my doctor

  12. carl710 says:

    I'm Mexican living in Mexico and your "I think I'm Mexican" face, insulted me a little. Mexico is part of North America BTW. I love your videos. 🙂


  14. Namaste, machhuari(fisherman)

  15. Salvadoran please haha !

  16. Just a salvadorean relative of yours saying hi, Saara :3

  17. Kala Mies says:

    Sun äiti on meidän koulussa opettajana Kokkolassa Halkokarin koulussa

  18. I'd love to take this DNA test as well,but I can't afford it ?

  19. J boom says:

    Jesus!!!!the outro scared me.

  20. the police took my DNA test..they said I´m 100% criminal! i´m so excited!

  21. Doesn’t she look like Hannah Baker? Lol

  22. Brazil isn’t central america

  23. F Ff says:

    Ladies and gentlemen's this is the real eve saara ): ??

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