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Which is better?  MyHeritage versus Ancestry subscriptions

Which is better? MyHeritage versus Ancestry subscriptions

Have you ever wondered which subscription Family Tree site is right for you? Or if there are any hidden costs? This video explains it all.
Ancestry.com and MyHeritage offer extensive tools and features for the online family tree builders, and they’re both user-friendly and easy to navigate. Both also offer different display options for your tree, and you can add multimedia, such as photos and videos, to individual members within your family tree. If you want a builder that is extremely detailed and allows you to add tidbits of information, like occupation, physical descriptions, hobbies and biographies, MyHeritage would be your best option. But, if you prefer a builder that is solely aimed at historical events, such as dates and places, Ancestry.com would be the way to go.
MyHeritage finds extremely accurate results for members in your family tree — it even lists full addresses as well as former places of employment. When it finds historical records that match names in your family tree, you can view a preview of these records, and then see the full record after signing up for the Data/Records package. Ancestry.com works similarly and matches you to records with its “hints” feature. With both of these services, you can view a scanned image of the original documents for things such as old U.S. Census Records. Additionally, MyHeritage and Ancestry.com gives you the option to search records on Newspapers.com, but Ancestry uses Fold3.com, if you want to search military records which you may have to pay extra for in addition to your subscription. But MyHeritage has the same option which is free and part of you subscription. That said, MyHeritage searches billions of records as well, including birth, marriage and death certificates, so these two services are fairly equal in this category.


3 thoughts on “Which is better? MyHeritage versus Ancestry subscriptions

  1. I agree with Bev Anderson…extremely biased and she does not know the features of Ancestry.com. She pointed out some great points about My Heritage however Ancestry does allow the addition of a friend/partner in place of a spouse and as in most search engines it will pull the different variations of a name. I have years of experience with Ancestry finding different spellings of Loudermilk. Both are great tools and this video does not show a fair comparison of the two subscriptions.

  2. Very bias she does not know how to use Ancestry.com.

  3. I'm with you, I don't like Ancestry either because after I paid for the subscription, then they let me know that if I want a military record, I would have to pay an additional charge to another company. After a week, those charges were really adding up. It was just a total rip off. I now have my tree on MyHeritage and Wikitree.

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