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4 thoughts on “Who Am I? Pt. 2 | 23AndMe Results

  1. Being jewish is an ethno-religion. An ethnicity and a religion. Jews originated from the Near East/Middle East and went into a diaspora throughout the world like 2,000 years ago when Romans conquered jerusalem. Ashkenazi jews are the ones who settled in East/West Europe and Sephardic Jews are the ones who lived in spain/portugal and italy, and Mizrahi Jews lived in countries in middle east and n. africa. Basically they are all Jews, and all have similar DNA.

  2. Top Mog says:

    Cool results! And I loved the thumbnail ?

  3. lol " oops I don't know what I did !! Ugh I'm a dork lol ? same lol ?

  4. This is a very interesting video . I'm very impressed with it and the hard work you dedicated towards it I'm very proud . And you learn something new about yourself everyday love you and miss you loads ❤️❤️❤️

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