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Why I Don’t Wear A Bra (Hanging in AMALFI ITALY)

Why I Don’t Wear A Bra (Hanging in AMALFI ITALY)

Hanging in the town of Amalfi, exploring the alleyways, drinking cappucino, and talking to Italian men.

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50 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Wear A Bra (Hanging in AMALFI ITALY)

  1. Bcoz you just have nipples !!! Maybe when you have boobs then you wear a bra

  2. I like those little perky things regardless what others might say


  4. i like what you said…'support each other'…keep going girl…

  5. JWT350Z says:

    Underwear Nazis!

  6. pokerworld says:

    Ok I’ll ask, what is dgaf?

  7. LYS says:

    these guys are just horny

  8. She doesn't need a bra. She's built like a 12 year old boy.

  9. You have no titties therefore no need a bra

  10. Welp ima fap to this lol

  11. diver0129 says:

    I don't see anything wrong with you not being "demure". But I also don't think "demure" means subservient. You talk about supporting each other, but at the same time imply that if someone doesn't feel comfortable dressing like you do, that it some how makes them subservient. If someone wants to wear revealing clothing, by all means let them. But someone shouldn't be judged for wearing conservative clothing either.

  12. sLyKnEzZ says:

    Preach on sister!

  13. Because classless women need all the help they can get to find their next skin flute.

  14. Rob Stuart says:

    Bra or no bra – who cares?

  15. Your boobs are very small. it does not look nice without bra.

  16. so what , no good to be honest and straight forward?
    American girls…pff

  17. hey do you edit the videos yourself? looks really great the shots???

  18. Don't look like you got much to put in one.

  19. you're cute. get over it.

  20. I still don't get it. Why don't you wear a bra? Scratching meh head – SmH

  21. Bless you for not conforming

  22. Best watched muted in 720p HD!

  23. Doug Estes says:

    You are very pretty. I love your eyes. God bless you.

  24. Neal Jones says:

    you don't need a bra! your fine don't let these people get you down like they say you go girl!

  25. sketch6995 says:

    cuz they dont make bras that small? lol.

  26. Teddyal says:

    Bra? For what, not have to hold much there.

  27. Love your message. You go girl!!!

  28. You're so fine, if I was a lesbian I'll totally do you.

  29. jasavak says:

    This video is so much better with the mute button .

  30. Luke says:

    Bra or no bra, you are remarkably beautiful. Do what ever makes you happy. Any society that has a strong female role model culture is a great society.

  31. You don't wear a bra so you can get millions of views, and probably make a lot of youtube advertisement money from of it. And just maybe it also pays for your trip to Italy, and living where ever you want. Nah I'm sure I'm wrong about all of it, you do it because of your "Woman Empowerment" and feeling free. Blah ha ha ha ha, yeah right! It's about the money, money, money. Just be freakin honest, you're selling something to make a lot of money, we all know what that is.

  32. Bran sun20 says:

    I think that you're beautiful with or without wearing a brawl ?

  33. She simply don't need bra because bra is useless for her. She has a breast of a 12 year old girl.

  34. ZUS You says:

    because you dont need it. if you are D, you will need it.

  35. Bobshouse says:

    Why wear one when you don't need one?

  36. You don’t wear a bra Because you don’t have much” to hold up Kinda like the blonde in the video

  37. Dam u talk 2muck get 2 d point

  38. some women have a large breast that is different sometimes one needs to wear a bra
    I support the issue as an older person if you were being my wife why should I care longs your okay
    being a women.

  39. Don't let people get you down and out because some assholes wanna ruin you're happiness because they are just jealous of you or mad because you shoot them down lol keep going and doing what you love 🙂

  40. does not matter bra or not a bra if your comfy being without okay

  41. When One Has Nice Tits…That Shall Be One Of The Top Reasons Not To Wear A Bra…

  42. jmsmikey says:

    Las Vegas checking in!

  43. You are beautiful! Liked and subbed!

  44. Atif Dogar says:

    I want soulmate my whats aap number contact me 03134492595

  45. Yeah this is not something you should proud of

  46. I noticed that he actually filmed this by her own because if you saw the reflection from her eye glasses no woman pointing her tits that time…really good edit nice blog..like to get there hehehe

  47. Tech 45 says:

    Let those girls breathe:)

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