Home DNA AncestorWhy Is My Dna History Different Myheritage vs 23 & Me Private Live Tape
Why Is My Dna History Different Myheritage vs 23 & Me Private Live Tape

Why Is My Dna History Different Myheritage vs 23 & Me Private Live Tape

Why Is My Dna History Different Myheritage vs 23 & Me Private Live Tape.

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9 thoughts on “Why Is My Dna History Different Myheritage vs 23 & Me Private Live Tape

  1. My results were different too. 23andMe has me all Northern European and Ashkenazi (Jewish), but MyHeritage had 1.5% Nigerian (total surprise). Otherwise, they were somewhat similar, but MyHeritage also said I had more Scandinavian ancestry than 23andMe. From what I know about my grandparents, 23andMe sounds more accurate, but it's fun to think I have some unexpected ancestry. I think I'll try the other services in the comments below.

  2. L G says:

    My Heritage is not accurate. I got my Dna test from Ancestry. I heard that My Heritage can analyze my data for free. I then got weird results. There's also the possibility that your ancestors weren't German. They probably migrated to Germany and adopted the customs and language and then left. Germany usually comes up as West European. I also heard that My Heritage doesn't test chromosomes yet. It's also possible to have your dad get a Dna test. That might be able to tell you if you share any ethnicities with him.

  3. To answer your question, yes. It is just an estimate. There is not a way to find out exactly what ethnicities your dna may hide, at least not yet. Different companies have different calculators. They also use different genochips or whatever it's called and they don't read exactly all of your DNA info, unfortunately. Your familytree is way more detailed and correct, the test is not straight-forward direct sience?

  4. mjbella72 says:

    Here is what I have found, 23andme was wayyyyyyyyy off on my ethnicity estimates. Totally off. I tested on the v5 chip and it had me thinking I was adopted or switched at birth. GPS origins was the most accurate so far for me, pretty spot on but the downside is there are no relative matching tools. DNA Land (free raw data transfer) was even far more accurate than 23andme and the tools on GED match are great too! Also see if you can transfer to FTDNA as well and see what that reports, I heard that is pretty accurate (I haven't tested it yet). GPS Origins will definitely show your native if you have it, it did mine. GPS Origins even showed the towns both of my grandmother's ancestors came from and it matched with what I knew for a fact. Sorry for my random thoughts about this, but I understand the pain. lol

  5. They probably just migrated to Germany back in the day, I mean you can live somewhere for generations and not be from there. I know my Grandparents were North African but my dna showed Iberian and not a bit of African came up. This means they traveled to North Africa and settled there.

  6. I think you look very native. Did you have a high percentage? I did testing and I had 34% Native. I was very happy about it.

  7. Louisa says:

    Take it over to Wegene

  8. I'm guessing they're not distinguishing between Scandinavian and German (Scandinavians, depending on your source, are classified as North German). I don't bother with the tests because they have very limited Asian genes to look at in the database and can't distinguish Southeast Asians, but for Europeans, they have much more in their genetic database.

    We have varying degrees of what we inherit from previous generations; if you have your siblings do the test, they might have varying percentages (still in the ballpark) of what you have. Also if a male sibling do the test, they might get an additional result difference (x-/maternal mitochondrial DNA VS y-/paternal DNA). That might also answer if you're worried about the authenticity of your paternal parentage!

    The blood tests taken when you're born tests for congenital conditions (so I'm told)

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