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18 thoughts on “0% European! Garifuna/African American DNA results Ancestry/dna.land/wegene/gedmatch

  1. The Amerindian is that the Awak/Tiano from St. Vincent. the land separated. Those are South American Native American. Again the land split and it became the sland of St. Vincent.

  2. I am also garifuna 79%Africa 15% Native American 7% European I was born in Belize my granny is from Tela, Honduras.

  3. You have to practice on your presentation it’s very poor. Just keeping it real in case you have to present a paper at college or at work.

  4. Oof says:

    Congrats on having 0% European lol

  5. What is most accurate for results?

  6. DNA land results are bogus and inaccurate, when it comes to African Americans, African percentages. It either removes 3-5 percent of your African ancestry or adds between 5 to 10 percent.

  7. i added you to my Playlist of Afro-Americans and Caribbeans that are 90%+ AFRICAN

  8. Nymy Taí says:

    Some islanders tell a story of some west african slaves that escaped one the ships and was taken in by the kalinago tribe (fellow arawaks) and inter mingled. They were a lucky bunch haha. I also found articles that scientists found remains of a native that shares native and west african features. You may have decend from these ppl. bless brother thank you for sharing

  9. Why are you in hurry? Do you have limited memory on you camera? ?

  10. Very Good video! You are doing your thing Sapa Inti!! Putting out great material! That is interesting that his family didn't have European DNA and a product of slavery. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  11. Very rare, I saw one dude on here that was 100% African. Great video mano

  12. dude you gotta tell me the song that you got playing on the background. its awesome

  13. ? music in back the slaping

  14. QTee says:

    the 8% comes from the Amerindians the Garinagu or Garifuna

  15. Ito Roots says:

    No European! Very rare indeed. Great results

  16. b says:

    Do you know of anymore websites like gedmatch , DNA land , and we gene where you can upload your DNA data for free

  17. I have question if I did test can it tell me if I have Spanish blood? Also different countries

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