Home DNA Ancestor100% African DNA Results | GedMatch vs Ancestry Comparison | DNA Test Results | Family Vlog
100% African DNA Results | GedMatch vs Ancestry Comparison | DNA Test Results |  Family Vlog

100% African DNA Results | GedMatch vs Ancestry Comparison | DNA Test Results | Family Vlog

100% African DNA Results | GedMatch vs Ancestry Comparison | DNA Test Results | Family Vlog
My ancestry dna results from gedmatch are here. I did a comparison between gedmatch and ancestry and found some discrepancies. I finally uploaded my dna results from ancestry.com into gedmatch.com. In this video I reveal my the differences between ancestry and gedmatch.

I used different gedmatch admixture tools and they all had similar results.

Not many unicorns out there, people who are 100% African.

100% African Ancestry DNA Results | GedMatch vs Ancestry | Why Are They Different


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32 thoughts on “100% African DNA Results | GedMatch vs Ancestry Comparison | DNA Test Results | Family Vlog

  1. MamaDee says:

    My ancestry dna results from gedmatch are here. I did a comparison between getmatch and ancestry.com. Sorry I was so sleepy! Like, Share, and subscribe if you haven't. Make sure to get notifications by clicking on the bell next to the subscribe button. Thank you <3

  2. I’m also 100% southern Bantu and all my family and most people here look mixed but we 100% black.

  3. Tam says:

    Your family is mixed and I can see mixture in your family pics. You are from South Africa and your bloodline has been tainted. I am a pure blood African and it has been dinned to me long ago to be able to identify those who are my people, does who are not and does who pretend to be one of my people. No disrespect but your bloodline has been tainted. That is not the look of a pure blood African. South Africa has a huge coloured population. Please accept your mixed heritage rather than trying to fool us in order to classify yourself as one of us and dilute our blood. It is foolish and selfish. That look is not the look of Africa. it would be foolish to think that the blood of the white devil and Asian has not penetrated your genome. Even if this result is correctly, it only tells you that your African dna dominated and wiped out your white / Asian gene but you certainly had a white/Asian ancestor. I can tell those who are my people and those who are not. You are not one of us.

  4. East africain bantu you are my sister

  5. sv svs says:

    the ancestors of san people exist in the regions between ethiopia and south africa for 110 000 years as a separate entity ,that predates all modern races
    at some point in ethiopia they became biger ,a bit darker ,but that is all basically for the next 90 000 years
    about 15 000 years ago the expansion of west and partially central african populations started ,they changed the phenotypic characteristics of populations
    and they slowly pushed the native population to the south
    xhosa are as example the children of native mothers and west african fathers

    that is something what angers me when people say there was a lot of race mixing …how can they know
    people in ethiopia with lighter skin complexion can either be mixed with white or if isolated, from the same origin like san people that predates the race separation

    same in south africa ,only because somebody have european feature or lighter skin color he is not european ,europeans did usually keep for themselves,there isn't any proof in history of people not being careful about things like that

  6. Is it common for southeastern Africans to be as light as you?

  7. Angel Lee says:

    Very cool, thanks for sharing! There is a lot of ignorance in the US.
    Your Khoisan genes are very visible 😛

  8. Plus khoisans are also mixed

  9. It is amazing how many things we are ignorant about. I assumed that Africans were brown skin or darker. As an African-American, the only light skinned Africans I’ve ever seen are the ones that bleach their skin. I’m happy that ignorance has been cleared up. I never heard of Khoi. I will have to look that up.
    I can’t wait to do my DNA.

  10. Kimmi Kay says:

    I wish I was 100% African, lucky you.

  11. maybe your so light because you might have SOUTH AFRICAN DNA.

  12. I don't understand this how is your hundred percent South African but still come out so light without any white DNA.

    The tend be accurate at times but as this particular test plane games.

    I know about the black people having blonde hair in those small Islands which is not far from Australia.

    But this right here is completely different I want to know how is this possible.

    Has to be some type of explanation to why her skin is so light but yet have no white DNA.

  13. I studied Biomedical science in the 70s that included a lot of Mathematical and Theoretical Biology . Most people comments about Human Skin Pigmentation in Afrika here reveal a lack of knowledge and pure ignorance !! DNA tests are skewed towards Haplotype frequencies based on Autosomal DNA , the reliability of such test depend on comparative population size , number of markers tested , ancestry ' informative ' value of Single Nucleotide Polymorphism or SNPs , and the degree of admixture but 99.9 % of All anatomically modern humans have the same DNA !!! Further we Africoid peoples are not Bantus or any other silly European designation quit being deceived !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Great results! I'm 84.8% Sub Saharan African 13% European and 1.4% Native American. (African American)

  15. YOU ARE NOT 100% African I don't believe that?

  16. Juju Nunya says:

    WOW 100 percent African!!! Amazing results!

  17. Nice results sister !!!!
    I'm also 100% African , North African to be exact, most people think im portoguese or turkish hahahah

  18. daric nd says:

    why do a second DNA test? seems like you're not convinced that you can 100% african n seems like you're not happy about it. It is a blessing because black people can create all colours of the rainbow as they were the first people live on this earth. Most people born in africa such as ethiopians, somilis n eritians arent even 100% african so consider yourself lucky

  19. The Bantu originated in West Africa in thousands of years ago, so it's harder separate the Old mutual West African dna vs the New Bantu that left.
    Newer West African dna would differ a lot from your South African Bantu.

    It all depends on the reference library the testers used.
    Thanks for sharing!

  20. Your siblings have the same biological father? Thanks for sharing.

  21. QTee says:

    That's very interesting because stereotypes. I did my ancestry results and I came back 60% African – 50% west and 10% east. The rest was Native American and European which didnt surprise me because im LatinCaribbean and from a mixed family. What did surprise me was the European admixture that none of the databases agree on. I fully expected western european in dominance because my grandmother was European.. what did come back was that im like 20% Balken.. Balken! (Albania/ Bulgari) and then the remaining 5% southwestern European as in Greece…Thats so cool but so unbelievably strange. I dont know of any ancestry from that part of Europe and my parents are definitely my parents. So im doing research to see how it came about. It will be interesting to learn.

  22. m nb says:

    100% African doesn't mean 100% negroid/black.white Caucasian from north Africa also get 100% Africa.

  23. 122avis says:

    African Ancestry (AA) does not provide good value for the amount of money they charge compared to the other DNA testing services. Nor do they explain the microscopic amount of DNA they compare. Nor do they highlight that their results are probabilities, not definitive, nor certainty. For those reasons and many others, "Buyer Beware." Each one of the current services have their strengths and weaknesses, but AA's DNA reference libraries are the least robust, i.e., smallest number of samples for comparison. AA does a very poor job (no job, actually) of explaining and showing how client's DNA matches their samples and they provide NO reference, historical, or cultural information at their website in support of their clients' analyses. I paid for both the matri and patri tests. The patriclan test was a joke–testing only on 9 markers–12 markers is a minimum and with the ability to test on the Y chromosome up to 111 markers, AA's results are weak at best and completely unreliable at worst. This is a shame because African American genealogists and clients deserve so much better. This service is not ready to serve.

  24. Thank you for sharing this..

  25. There's not much difference between Bantus and Niger Congo people. They are actually one and the same. The difference is that Bantus have more admixtures with nilotics, pygmies and khoisan people's.

  26. Paul Dub says:

    i too have spent time on gedmatch. can you share the steps you made to find distance to each group to xhosa ? i have a gg grandmother from cape town and want to see which dna group im closest. thank you and love that you posted this as rare but important info.

  27. I am of Angolan origin and my mother and a little like you, that is the clear skin and eyes close to blue and the same for me I am ligth brown, I do a Dna test and I am 100% african. I am more like an East African and I do not have Portuguese in me, from 5% to 10% of my heritage is Khoisan, ( Southern/central Africa / East and a little West/Nord African) and I'm happy. In Africa there is more complexion and a lot of different pheonotype from one region to another

  28. The black woman is God deal with it ?????☀?

  29. Noxie Nox says:

    I knew you are Xhosa by ur look. I didn't realise uba these American things even go that far to tribal DNA specifics.

  30. Beautiful You are Sista Mama Dee

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