24 thoughts on “23 AND ME DNA RESULTS!!! NOT JAPANESE?

  1. nono N says:

    in japan they do a big effort to get your dna. anything you do against the rules, even a very stupid little thing, is a excuse to ask for it. if you forget your id card at home for instance, and the cops ask for it, they will have to bring you to a police station to verify if you are legally living in the country and they'll release you if everything is ok. but before, they'll ask you to give them a sample of your dna. they say they get it just in case you commit a serious crime then they'll have your dna stored. I talked to a japanese citizen and he said they do it all the time!!! who knows what this fucking japs are doing with your dna… they are creating an android race or something… i've never seen that before, you forget your id card and is asked to give your dna…. wtf???

  2. Yakut apparently means some sort of Turkish

  3. jfsfrnd says:

    The DNA starts to drop off after the 4th generation back. Broadly Southern European means South African. Go on DNA Land and GedMatch.

  4. espyXelz says:

    Always you pales faces always claim to be Native American…

  5. So you and woah Vicky huh? Isn't that how she figured out she's part black?

  6. I think that shit is all made up. But people can't wait to send money to get bullshit results. But it's a good hustle really

  7. You're so adorable. Oxo

  8. You're hilarious my halfrican brotha. Come. We shall share peace pipe..but not with the Europeans.

  9. I am german irish and romanian

  10. That sucks!! ,i understand why ur dissapointed ? …i tough they can ,tell u exactly where u from . I wanted to do it too.

  11. U should become a comedian??

  12. yakuts are Siberian 🙂

  13. OmNomNaomi says:

    i'm like a bunch of European i believe mainly German, Great Britain, French, Scandanavian, Irish, etc… i'm like 12% Native American, and like 5% Korean,Japanese,Chinese mix, and like 1.5% African XD but i just look like white af

  14. Can you say me the results? my english is not too good.. and i dont understand parts when people speak 🙁 And im exited to know the results 🙂

  15. Mine: French, British, Irish, German, Iberian, Scandinavian, Yakut, Broadly Sub Saharan African, Broadly Southern European, Broadly Northwestern European and Broadly European (I'm listing the Broadly Euros cause it could be something else that I haven't named) and a very small amount of unassigned. I'm a huge mutt haha. My Neanderthal variants are 343 which is more than 99% of 23 and me customers. In terms of the health report all of mine came back good other than the slight increased risk (only by 1 variant) chance of late onset Alzheimer's.

  16. annoying.. trying too hard..

  17. PVTfluffy says:

    Yakut or whatever is like a Russian Asian lol.

  18. This is how Tommy DeVito would reveal his ancestry results

  19. Elis Diaz says:

    I took my DNA test through Ancestry.com, it was a little surprising. I didn't think I would have any native american, and for my European side I thought the largest part would be in Spain (iberian Peninsula region), but it turned out to be Italy/Greece. I expected my African side to be mostly west coast. My mother is Dominican and my father is Puerto Rican. Below were my results if anyone is curious how Ancestry.com looks like:

    *Africa 43%
    Benin/Togo 12%
    Mali 10%
    Nigeria 6%

    –African Trace Regions 15%
    Cameroon/Congo 6%
    Ivory Coast/Ghana 4%
    Senegal 4%
    Africa North 1%

    *America 9%
    Native American 9%

    *Europe 46%
    Italy/Greece 21%
    Europe West 7%
    Great Britain 7%

    –European Trace Regions 11%
    Ireland 4%
    Iberian Peninsula 4%
    Scandinavia 2%
    European Jewish < 1%

    *West Asia 2%

    *Middle East 2%

  20. RandomEdd says:

    You gotta get these Native American benfits lmao

  21. Angb Rwill says:

    funniest dna results ever!?

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