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23 And Me Test

Dear Auntie, I just did the 23andMe test hoping I could learn more about my ancestors and I was honestly surprised to find out that I’m a Native American/Spanish mix. Is there a test that I can take that will tell me what tribe my ancestors were from? To check Auntie’s full answer, visit wernative.org/ask-auntie-questions/i-just-did-the-23-and-me-test


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  1. I am Indigenous American and I took three dna tests and not one of them was right.  They all said I am White.  Genetic dna tests are jokes and not factual.

  2. Wil liam says:

    Ancestry.com test can. Wont label the "tribal name" but now (starting summer of 2017) they have technology to give you a major region WITHIN Western Hemisphere and can even give you a Sub-region WITHIN that major region. Example: i got 46% Native American back when i took test in 2015, circling western hemisphere (lol… ok). This summer they then put it as "Chihuahua & Durango" (oh.. cool). Then about a month ago they updated even MORE specific and within that region they put a sub circle that covers both Southwest New Mexico & Northwest Chihuahua (which they lable as such) with the border running exactly in middle. Which tribe encompassed southwest New Mexico/northwest Chihuahua??? Apache (most likely Chiricahua. Not Mescalero)

  3. So then the person who asked you this is a mestizo which is what most "Latin" American people are in majority which is why people don't consider Mexicans Guatemalan etc. Native Americans which in fact they are just not federally recognized by the United States government but seeing that they were a part of the " new world " technically THEY ARE NATIVE AMERICANS BECAUSE WE DO NOT LIVE IN AMERICA WE LIVE IN THE UNITED STATES. AMERICA IS 2 CONTINENTS NORTH AND SOUTH

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