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23andMe Results: The Terrifying Wegene Followup! pt. 2

23andMe Results: The Terrifying Wegene Followup! pt. 2

I was horrified about what I found out the truth behind my 23andme results with Wegene!! :((

Previous video► https://youtu.be/Iy64z8dcNSY

Blog post explaining more information about where my heritages came from:

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8 thoughts on “23andMe Results: The Terrifying Wegene Followup! pt. 2

  1. ThatsoLin says:

    Lol!! Do you even know the history of Khmer and Annam.

  2. I just got my WeGene results back and also just found out im more cambodian than vietnamese lmaooo that shit fucked me up… im apparently only 5% viet :(((

  3. I just got my wegene results and I truly wonder how accurate it is. They said I was 70+% Chinese and nearly 60% was southern Han Chinese! I know I am more Vietnamese but they only said I was 12% Kinh. These wegene results seem even less reliable than the 23andme and other testing services.

  4. IMr LAPS says:

    You are so absolutely adorable.

  5. Did you see the health results where they share your vitamin deficiencies, the diseases you're most at risk for, and your sports health? It's so interesting!

  6. Dai (primarily found in Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar etc.) and Gaoshan (Taiwanese Aborigines) are considered Southeast Asian as well! So you'd be closer to 40% Southeast Asian.

    Also note that your high Southern Han Chinese ancestry is also the product of years and years of migration — lots of your Vietnamese blood is also listed under Southern Han Chinese here!

  7. Tiffany Le says:

    Dropping the facts again, Cambodia and Vietnam use to fight over control over land/territory. When a southern part of Vietnam was controlled by Cambodia, Saigon use to be known as Prey Nokor. Even the Chams invaded Cambodia at one point. So as much as we are raised to be 100% Vietnamese pride and culture, migration happened, wars happened, and people had sex whether or not it was consensual because people and war are terrible is a different tidbit in history that we don't usually think about… Probably a reason why we're mostly Chinese, since we fought them for centuries, and why they have and had so much influence in our history, traditions, and culture. (Also… Hi again, I don't sleep.)

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