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85 Years in the Making: Siblings Reunite | AncestryDNA

85 Years in the Making: Siblings Reunite | AncestryDNA

Dale took an AncestryDNA test expecting to find clues on his long lost half-sister. With no immediate close connections, he started to lose hope. A year later, he received a message from someone located in California, curious to know how they could be so closely related. Turns out, it was the connection he had been waiting his whole life to find.

Ancestry flew Dale and his wife Polly out to meet his half-sister, Gloria, and her children, Terry and Wayne. It was an emotional reunion for all. We were thrilled to be on hand to celebrate this special moment with them.


9 thoughts on “85 Years in the Making: Siblings Reunite | AncestryDNA

  1. I'm adopted and have searched all my life…. This brings me such hope   🙂  God Bless you all

  2. wonderfull story, very touching

  3. Something like this happened in my family in my grandfather's generation. My great-grandfather had an illegitimate child as a married older man. Unfortunately this long-lost half-brother named Robert wasn't interested in finding out about his natural father until after my grandfather's generation had all passed away and he was quite elderly. His younger biological brother was looking into it for him on the sly in case Bob ever became interested and had found us using Ancestry prior to the DNA offering. I actually corresponded with the brother about something entirely different before we connected with Bob.

  4. This gives me hope in finding my mother's biological father and family.

  5. ReneeYBoyd says:

    What a sweet story. So nice that they were able to meet before one of them passed on.

  6. What a wonderful story!

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