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A comparison of Ancestry, Dnaland and Gedmatch Results

A comparison of Ancestry, Dnaland and Gedmatch Results

Hello, Thanks for watching! Ethnicity Estimates:

Sorry for the poor quality, I used a webcam.
I would love to read everyone’s predictions, estimates and any relevant information below.

Spoiler! : Please don’t scroll until you have guessed and commented below 🙂

Ancestry Results:

94% African
2 % (Native) American
2% Europe
Less than 1 % Pacific islander (Polynesia)
Less than 1% West Asia (Caucasus)

24 % Nigeria
16% Cameroon/Congo
16% Mali
14% Senegal
12% Southeastern Bantu
8% Ivory Coast/Ghana
4% Benin/Togo

2% Native American

Less than 1% Scaninavia
Less than 1% Finland/Russia
Less than 1% Europe West

Pacific Islander:
Less than 1% Polynesia

West Asia
Less than 1% Caucasus

DnaLand Results:

92% African
81% West African
10% East African
1.2% ambiguous

4.2% Eurasian
2.8% North Slavic
1.4% Ambiguous

2.2% Native American

1.5% Northeast Asian


Gedmatch Results:

NW_Africa 3.91*
SW_Asia –
E_Africa 5.62 *
S_Africa 11.14
Mbuti 2.11
W_Africa 63.05
Biaka 8.81
San 0.94

This is what it said:
It should be used only by Africans and African-West Eurasian admixed individuals. It is not meant for people with additional admixture (e.g., South/East Asian or NativeAmerican). (European is skewed to include all other regions, it had me at 4%)

I liked that this test broke down regions into, north, south, east and west. Is it believable that I really have all parts of Africa? The problem for me was that these tests were supposed to be taken by certain groups. The one above was for africans with eurasian blood, another was for africans with native american, another was for africans with asian and I had some of all those things… SMH Its going to be hard to try to guess my history because it’s all over the place. (on this test i noticed the nw and east african added up to 10% , It had me at 10% east on dna.land but i don’t remember seeing a north african section) Ancestry only has south eastern bantu (12%), but many east africans have complained about being lumped into that category (mainly ethiopians)

Test 2 (gedmatch)

# Population Percent
1 Neo_African 55
2 Palaeo_African 29.32
3 East_African 9.25 *
4 Northwest_African 1.93 *
5 East_European 1.46
6 Northeast_Asian 1.12
7 Southeast_Asian 0.97
8 South_Asian 0.53
9 West_European 0.41

This test puts me at a higher east percentage (?), this test doesnt include (native)

1 African 90.88
2 Southern 3.11
3 Atlantic_Baltic 2.83
(enclosed by Scandinavia, Finland, the Baltic countries, and the North European Plain.)
4 Amerindian 1.45
5 East_Asian 0.85
6 Siberian 0.56
7 South_Asian 0.31

Overall I would say i am probably 94% African with 9% east 1% north
2% native
2% europe
2% asian of some sort

94% african (ancestry), 92% dna.land (they gave me 1.2% unassigned african so I’m thinking that’s the north) I would say 93-94% on gedmatch

I got 2.8% north slavic (dna.land)
includes belarus, estonia, lithuania, russian, ukraian
2% europe on ancestry (scandinavia, russian)
2% europe on gedmatch ( I matched ancient dna similarities to some russian) they also included a region with scandinavia and finland as did ancestry.com.

I will say part of the Europeanis russian for sure
The middle east makes sense with the east african, but i’m still pondering the northwest.

What else can i do with my dna results:


4 thoughts on “A comparison of Ancestry, Dnaland and Gedmatch Results

  1. Eden Araya says:

    I took my ancestry dna test too! I have a results video https://youtu.be/TokBMG0XUZY
    How do i search on gedmatch? Which category did you base your results from?

  2. Quinn says:

    You look very Ivorian to me. Great results sister.

  3. As far as I'm concerned, I'm 100% Ivorian but would love to take an ancestry test. I find it so interesting.

  4. Kandi P. says:

    Make sure you view full screen (computer) or sideways (mobile). Thanks for watching

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