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A Hidden Agenda? (Reich, Feldman & Cheng)

A Hidden Agenda? (Reich, Feldman & Cheng)

The article in question: http://www.ancient-origins.net/news-history-archaeology/neolithic-male-genetic-diversity-0010177

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50 thoughts on “A Hidden Agenda? (Reich, Feldman & Cheng)

  1. They ARE hiring European researchers AS WELL, but NOT in leading positions. That's my point here. I did not make that very clear in the video, so I write this comment to stress that. Everything these Europeans find out MUST go through "others" or be "filtered" through them. I find that very odd.

  2. I can formulate the main summation of all modern researches in all social sciences: Jews are the special people with superior traits and abilities and all others, particularly Europeans, are unworthy genetic trash which should be replaced by Africans. It is like in the movie "They live"; the plenty of words cover the simple idea which should be implanted.

  3. Deplorable says:

    Read Gregory Cochran or Henry Harpending.

  4. The same (((people))) who hired Sweden's new Minister of cultural heritage.

  5. "Bad goy,Bad goy. Whatcha going to do"?

  6. On the news this morning they said net neutrality is a thing of the past and .. I'm just guessing but it's probably going to affect people being able to view your videos.. just thought I'd mention it.. I'm glad I got to watch a bunch of them before they slow down everything. Here's a video I'm sending along just in case you're not aware of this Nano things..https://youtu.be/YFXkSs3I8HY

  7. KingFahtah says:

    They all look the same to me. So do the Chinese.

  8. Varg,I just watched a video from Tel Aviv University. Q & A with Svante dipshit and David(Hitler)Reich. GOt time check it out, I left a comment for the people watching. I told them this is Nothing but a Hostile Jewish take-over and their plan #1) Is to drive all the Jews back to Israel #2) Mix European's out of existence in order to eliminate any threat to their Dominance and Control Forever!!!

  9. Why do Jews have a right to fake their own existence.

  10. Noname says:

    haha fake articles, let me tell you why simply because this is a way of making the diversity propaganda.

  11. With Jews you lose.

  12. Rhys Tomos says:

    David Emil Reich is a Harvard Professor of Genetics.
    Harvard is 67% Jewish in a Nation that has less than a 2% Jewish Population.
    Harvard has become a nest of Anti White vipers that has ZERO Scientific Academic credibility.
    Harvard Professor Noel Ignatiev has, for years, openly called for the eradication and the abolishment of the White Race.
    Anyone who pays for a DNA test is financially supporting and giving Scientific Data that is being used to Genocide our People. Don't do it.

  13. Right off the bat, why does the article start off with men instead of humans?????

  14. pongo d says:

    (((They))) will hire who (((they))) choose to fit their bottom line

  15. They want you to believe that we are genetically different than our predecessors and we are mostly descended from middle eastern Anatolian farmers so we aren't real Europeans in the sense that we aren't genetically exactly the same as people 7,000 years ago or 12,000 years ago or 20,000 years ago or 40,000 years ago, but I study genetics and I know differently, for example my mothers haplotype is very rare R1a 1:1,200 people have it and it is found in high frequencies in the old hunter gatherer populations of Europe such as the Celts and basque but also in central Asia and a variant R1a1 in 80% of Russians, Haplotypes are not Autosomal DNA and carry no traits for phenotype or skeletal structure so they only tell you roughly where your fathers fathers father etc or mothers mothers mother etc may have came from, to confuse all this further people in regions alive today may not have the same haplotypes as the ancient people of those regions so it's impossible to say that just because a majority of people in say Scandinavia today have haplotype I1 at 35% that their ancient ancestors did also when R was the most commonly found haplotype in Norway 35,000+_ years ago, all i know is this, that currently the majority of Europeans have R1b variants in western Europe and R1a and it's variants in Eastern Europe and Russia, and in ancient times R was there as well so why wouldn't R have been there always?
    Maybe because people have R types where Europeans colonised them like say in northern India they are reading it backwards and making the assumption that R originated in India and central Asia and moved in and mostly replaced all others?
    It will be interesting to see later this Year when they Release the gnome of the Altamira Neanderthal what haplotype he had.
    If you want a link to all the neanderthal Gnomes pm me I have them saved on my google drive.

  16. Jeff Leff says:

    The data contained in these articles is undoubtedly distorted to promulgate a particular agenda but next time you should actually assess the validity of the arguments these self proclaimed "scientists" posit instead of just emphasizing last names to discredit them, as it could be off putting and alienating to the average first time viewer. Know you're a busy family guy dude but just a suggestion for future reference if you really want to efficiently use your platform to disseminate the truth about these crooks.

  17. Cool Ranch says:

    I got a cool little advertisment for sour patch kids candy before this video

  18. European man make sure you're mewing, we need to have healthy jaws for Europe

  19. Brilliant Varg… keep exposing the agenda! There's only five people I have total respect and trust on truth… and your one of them?

  20. That fact that we actually have to justify why we have a right to exist makes my blood boil…

  21. robertg305 says:

    You will not replace us!

  22. Wotan Vult says:

    the bottleneck is much more recent than other biologically similar events, hinting that its origins might have something to do with changing social structures.

    This would have had to happen for blue eyes which are recessive become predominant in northern Europe. The blue-eyed men were getting a disproportionate amount of girls… Asians in Siberia have been living there for thousands of years and have not turned blond..

  23. No war on whites I'm told, You're a crazy racist I'm told, yep don't worry about mass brown/black immigration yep yep yep

  24. Haha (((Marcus Feldman))) looks like (((Steven Spielberg))) who, by the way, says in this video that his fictional movie narrative (based on a fictional novel from the 1980's) should be taught in schools:

  25. I disregard anything coming from jewish owned institutions instantly.
    Fuck (((David))) Reich

  26. Oh come on varg. You cant question these guys. Or why europeans cant study themselves. Survive the jive said You are questioning science !!!!!!

  27. "I'm not going to talk about the content" exactly, you don't care whether they're right or wrong or if what they're saying is backed up with empirical evidence, if they're Jews then it must be propaganda, right? Well you're not proving them wrong. You're just making yourself look stupid.

  28. Love how Varg identifies Feldman's picture by placing the arrow on the nose.

    Can't hide the hook!

  29. (((they))) say "here's why" and they spoon feed you what they want you to believe to be true as that suits their agenda.

    )))varg((( says "let's find out" and explores the issue from all angles, leaving you to make your own mind up,.

  30. Oh these guys. They think we will be their slaves after the fall. Once you wake up, you wonder how anyone could fall for their shit.

  31. Not bad discovery at all.

    I made another discovery, i have a freind that has some psycological issues, he showed me what kind of medecine he takes. Because the medecine is destroying him making him extremly slow – shows up that it's made by Johnson and Johnson –

    I discovered that the chairman was Alex Gorsky – and thats a non european last name – i do not need to say more – the drug industry is heavily pushed by a certain non european people as well. beaware of the doctors.

  32. Dodo says:

    Hey Varg are you a nazbol aka communist?

  33. Eric Ehrat says:

    Hidden agenda for sure. It's being funded by the you know joo. Textbook brainwashing. Money is not power, the mind is power. They cannot control those who choose to think for themselves. Don't believe politicians and don't believe the so called "ones in charge".

  34. Halim says:

    Simple : if (((you))) can cheat in the DNA business in order to make the results look like all the israelis are somehow "hebrews" (and not european descendants of Khazarians who converted to judaism, as they really are), then you can legitimize Israhell, or rather prevent any critics about the legitimity of the palestinians (whose blood is way closer to the one of the real hebrews) on the land. That's the first objective.

    The second objective is just to take the monopoly over a scientific field which could be extremely damageable to their political agenda in Europe, since they want to blend the blood of Europeans with africans.

    The biggest weapon of zionists is lying. They're experts.

    And their second lie here is : "You see ? We're not so different ! And the History of Human race is all mixed up all over the place ! We're all EQUAL !"

    But in the end, you can bet that some people will be "more equal" than others. 🙂
    And you can bet those "more equal" people will be israelis. I'm spoiling the end of the movie, sorry.

  35. tsun says:

    Why do you have ads? And why are you even reading ancientorigins in the first place?

  36. Oh my god the noses. They're so identifiable. Funny thing how you pointed at them noses with the cursor ( ͡° ͜つ ͡° )

  37. These Jews are such ugly bastards.

  38. Ray Man says:

    Researcher are really more like over paid mcdonalds employees. They feed us trash to keep us ill at the command of their managers. The sciences are a unified political money making agenda machine.

  39. their all "science" is shit and nobody should listen to nonsense they say. people who believe to them are stupid political correct degenerates we can not even talk with them

  40. Je me frotte les mains

  41. LUKEBIKE says:

    Varg, you make a good point, they should be hiring Europeans. I agree.

  42. We claim we love our heritage, so these people come out with studies with manufactured conclusions that we have no heritage, our heritage is mixed etc.

    No agenda at all. Nothing to see here. Move along. Nothing at all in this suggests that everyone has a proud heritage except white people. Nothing at all. Oi you ! I said move along. NOTHING to see.

  43. Boo Smith says:

    Part of the agenda is hidden, but not all of it. Hunter College ( a publicly funded school) in NY offers a course called "Abolition of Whiteness". So much for the "race is a social construct" narrative.

  44. Bad Goy says:

    Oy goy (((-Berg))) is totally a white nationalist company! Did I forget to mention its based to marry asian women? DONT FORGET TO DONATE ON MY PATREON

  45. I'm sweating bullets…

  46. I like STJ, but I cannot sit here and honestly say that the research these parasites do is not political. I cannot put myself to trust these agenda-inspired hacks to tell me about my ancestors. Counter-signalling this with "haha but to you it's all >DA JOOS, right?" adds little to the conversation. Every time you see a politicized study like this made, you will see a "-stein", a "-witz", a "-berg" at the end. Am I supposed to ignore that? Fuck no.

  47. What we need to do is get our hands on Nazi research where they measured people's faces with calipers.

  48. I do not understand why European men have become so weak. Why should a white European justify himself for his existence? Why should we prove our right to live on this earth? Why are millions of invaders wandering around our land, while we are sitting on Youtube, and talking about nothing?

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