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A Little Bit of My Heritage.

A Little Bit of My Heritage.

I apologize for the home movie, guys. But this means a lot to me.

My parents moved out of New York City in 2007, and it’s very rare that they come down from upstate to visit me especially since my father has a hard time walking. We saw the tree in Rockefeller Center, but before going there my father has always wanted to take me to the spot where my grandfather worked back in the 1950s-1970s. A restaurant called The Red Devil that is no longer there. It’s a very different area now, but walking through it I felt a good feeling. Like my beloved Poppa was with me somehow.

My grandfather came to America in 1939 to work at the World’s Fair in Queens, and after a short stint in an Internment Camp in Missoula Montana came back to Queens and waited tables at this restaurant (not to mention learning how to cook amazing food). Working there he provided for his family: my father and aunt, and by doing so made it possible for me to come into existence.

This video is purely an indulgence and it’s not monetized. But if you will allow me a moment of sentimentality, I wanted to share this candid moment with you all, if anything for posterity’s sake.
Thank you.


14 thoughts on “A Little Bit of My Heritage.

  1. I have been listening to a lot of old Radio Theater lately and falling in love with the American Culture of the 1940s. Having been raised by my parents who were greatly influenced by my grandparents' "Old American" values and heritage this video meant a lot to me; to see someone taking time to record a piece of their own history and bloodline – to remember where they came from, and not forget that were we are now is due to the humility, hard work, and love of those who came before us.. We must never forget… Thanks for posting this Steve!

    Forgive the out of place question Steve, but
    what camera and lens were you using for this shot?

    Thank you!

  2. Siera June says:

    Can I meet your parents.

  3. Siera June says:

    Omg I loved watching this Steve

  4. cashino says:

    Trying to get my parents to do this for ages no luck..Will try again… Luck you 🙂

  5. RegSoFresh says:

    What kind of camera (and lens) are you working with here?

  6. MrTeatime2 says:

    You have great parents Steve.

  7. Hey Immma taking abutta you pappa! 

  8. dphotos says:

    It is always nice to record family history. My parents grew up in New York and New Jersey but moved to California in the 50s when I was born but they always told me of their stories while growing up back east.

  9. No need to apologize, history of our families is history of our country. See if your father has any pictures of the place, it may help to visualize it better for you and us. You can scan them in and do an update. Thanks for sharing.

  10. No need to apologize. Family moments caught on video resonate with many of us. Especially when they are candid, honest, unprepared, unrehearsed, spur of the moment and with a personal history behind them.  Looking forward to more of these narrative/anthropologically cultural videos. Thank you for sharing!

  11. v1ncn7 says:

    Yesterday, my father handed me two old cameras since I'm more and more interested in them. One was made in the German Democratic Republic and one in West Germany. It's also family heritage since my grandfather fled from East to West Germany back then. 🙂

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