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Ancestry.com Data In GEDmatch

Ancestry.com Data In GEDmatch

A look at the data GEDmatch gave me back after i used the RAW data I obtained from Ancestry.com, interesting stuff.


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  1. your halogroup? R1b is a common Ydna halogroup for Irish males. W-est Asian may be Turkish as you also indicate Balkans which were conquered by the Ottomans

  2. This is very interesting as I did a dna test per request of an Indian tribe in USA which is located in NY . I am 50 percent Native American , tribe specified and 50 Percent Irish also specified because of my extremely rare blood type . They called the Irish half pics , came to Scotland in boats many many years ago and were like fur traders I guess in the Highlands … not positive there lol . Anyhow my bloodtype can be narrowed down to four women I am told , its very mind blowing . My mom and dad were both of this same blood type, what are the chances ??? And to anyone that reads this ,,,,, no I am not an Alien or Reptilian you silly feckers lol . Peace brother and take care

  3. B McG says:

    GedMatch found Native American Ancestry that Ancestry did not find. Is it strange I have strong Native American physical
    characteristics of Native American even though the amount is only 1.05% ?

  4. my ancestry tells me what part of Ireland i am from .. Ulster and Munster..

  5. Allie S says:

    Upload to Wegene.com. Remember your ancestry dna test only gives results for your Autosomal sides, not your Y-line aka your father's father's side or MtDNA aka your mother's mother's side. Get all 3 tests done and then upload them to Wegene.com. I also have 100% European DNA, but when I got my mom's side done it said I was pretty much everything.

  6. drdalet says:

    Very strange Ancestry mentions Liechtenstein, which is a very small "Citystate" of 62 squares miles between Austria and Switzerland. Especially in the USA they probably wondering what that is 😀
    Gedmatch looks very interesting though. But I wonder if the raw data is really enough to be specific, given that a full DNA can be pricy.

  7. You do not look like British Isles with 45% West European Hunter Gartherer and 35% Natufian. And less with 50% and 40% of the Iberian. You have 43% and 35%.

  8. Rachel W. says:

    Your video was much helpful.

  9. It's the same with family we know so don't disregard Ancestry for that guy. People are strange rather family or not. I want to ask them why add ur DNA and be hermit. Probably don't want to know them if they are dry. Lol

  10. When you mentioned the Egyptian link, I immediately thought about the legend I recently came across regarding the Scotland/Egyptian connection and Pharaoh's daughter, Scota.. Maybe the legend has credence and confirmed by your DNA. Also, as a Bible student, it makes sense to me that migration thru Japheth's family went northward out of west asia (Turkey) after the flood in Noah's day. Thank you for going into detail about results from Ancestry vs Gedmatch. I've been holding off doing my DNA test. Your post is useful. And hello from Utah, USA (interesting what you said about testing people in Utah). Best to you!

  11. You look black and Asian to me. This ancestry stuff is interesting!

  12. You certainly can't trust the results for the ancient admixtures. It doesn't match what we currently know about the ancient admixture. 25% EHG? I don't think so, it's more likely closer to 10%. Family Tree and GED match results for European Hunters and Neolithic Farmers don't ever match anything close to this chart: https://i.redd.it/zdw8ts4uh80y.png

  13. dude ur accent is awesome, you can be my second cousin anytime!

  14. Yorkie Bar says:

    Concerning the Ancestry DNA it only goes back a thousand years (whereas Gedmatch goes back even further, so will pick up more) and it was pretty accurate for me, although I didn't expect 16% Scandinavian. But when you look at the history of these Isles, the Vikings settled a lot in western Scotland and eastern Ireland which corresponds to where a lot of my ancestors are from so it makes sense, for me at least! And I got 4% Iberian as well! All the best, Mark ?

  15. Amy K says:

    European Jew showed up in my uncles on ancestry but didnt show up in my results until i uploaded to gedmatch.

  16. Amy K says:

    Strange how much my results and ours are alike!!!

  17. John Gold says:

    Maybe the West Asian genes came from Roman soldiers.

  18. L G says:

    It's interesting you were 1% Iberian on Ancestry and then 18.92% Iberian on Gedmatch. There are Irish people In Spain, and I saw an article with Dna results of Spaniards.Some Spaniards Dna results had a little Irish Dna.

  19. 123aweee says:

    I'm a Scottish guy like you and I had very similar results (my heritage I got 3.4% west Asian). Are you sure you don't have any Asian recent ancestors, maybe great x2 or 3? That's what I assume gives me my Asian DNA. Like you, I have very dark eyes and my dad definitely didn't look fully Scottish. I don't know anything about my dad's sad except that he was from Belfast so I am assuming he has some Asian heritage. I don't think it's typical for Scottish people to have Asian DNA. What do you think?

  20. My dna connections with Ancestry have all been really accurate(I connected with my dead mom's cousin's). I just find some people are dry, I wouldn't take it personally. I live in the states but, I thought I was 90% Scottish, but I turned out a 38% Scandinavian,(33%Irish) and my Gedmatch admixture in oracle was 1. North Dutch 2. Danish 3.North German and so on. A shocker. All the other DNA site's are close, but the only thing that is constant is my African DNA of 1.5%. Showed up in every test(4 total).

  21. Tom Dick says:

    It could all be crap mate.

  22. Fash Tony says:

    The out of Africa theory has been debunked mate.

  23. hmmm interesting video… i must say that i live in the states & i got similar dna results. i'm mixed british isles & some german in ancestry….

    dodecad v3

    East_European 12.81
    West_European 51.14
    Mediterranean 25.57
    Neo_African –
    West_Asian 8.48
    South_Asian 0.23
    Northeast_Asian 0.96
    Southeast_Asian –
    East_African –
    Southwest_Asian 0.79
    Northwest_African –
    Palaeo_African –

    dodecad world 9

    Amerindian 1.35
    East_Asian –
    African –
    Atlantic_Baltic 71.28
    Australasian 0.59
    Siberian 0.58
    Caucasus_Gedrosia 13.01
    Southern 13.05
    South_Asian 0.1

    1 Mixed_Germanic (Dodecad) 2.84
    2 Dutch (Dodecad) 3.4
    3 Hungarians (Behar) 3.59
    4 German (Dodecad) 3.77
    5 CEU30 (1000Genomes) 4.49
    6 Cornwall (1000 Genomes) 4.84
    7 Kent (1000 Genomes) 4.89
    8 British (Dodecad) 5.07
    9 French (HGDP) 5.97
    10 British_Isles (Dodecad) 6.02

    what's interesting is that my ancestry dna test said i had 0% native american dna. but when you compare our results i have a small amt native american. i guess they are being conservative with their percentages.

  24. dancub1 says:

    Have you uploaded your results to FTDNA?

  25. Your results are so similar to my GEDmatch results. So many areas are pretty much side by side.

  26. RM Smith says:

    I had the same experience with my FTDNA results. I was so dissapointed until I found Gedmatch. FTDNA only gave me 77% British Isles and 23% Southern Europe, mostly Spain and Italalian.
    GedMatch shows all my Scottish ancestry, Irish, Finnish, Basque, Danish, and even Eastern European. It answered all my questions.
    Beautiful video. So nice to hear results from someone who understands history and geography!

  27. N Clark says:

    I knew you where an Ethiopian jew! I can see it in your face!! 😉 I bet Martin called this one too!

  28. As a Caucasian I have 12 inches of African genes. 😉

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