This is an overview of my African DNA results. African Americans are actually very diverse ethnically, however our society just sees us as all the same. Of course we are all African diaspora. Some African Americans actually have a lot of east African and that is evident when you look at the DNA. ANCESTRY is European based with more European DNA to compare to, that does not apply to me however, the site is not great for people in the African diaspora as they do not have a lot of reference data for Africans. DNA is a complicated thing, you can have a father who is Ethiopian and lets say, Egyptian but since you only get 50% of his DNA, you would only receive half of his DNA and it is random…so you may not receive ANY of his EGYPTIAN DNA and only his Ethiopian. These DNA tests may not catch all of your ancestors or even the complete ethnic profile of what your parents might be. (I don’t even know if ancestry is getting your paternal DNA) But it gives you an idea. Of course being an American Negro I already knew the throat of Africa was going to show up. In fact for most African Americans, ancestry spits out the same results…BENIN/TOGO, NIGERIA, SEIRRA LEONE, SENEGAL, CONGO…trace region of MALI. But there is a lot more intricacy than these big nations that we all seem to come from. African tribes have always been migratory, the FULANI for instance in the modern day, say for a few centuries have lived in the NIGERIA area, however they are originally from NORTHEAST Africa, EGYPT/KEMET region and will tell you that they are the descendants of the ANCIENT EGYPTIANS. Ancestry only takes your DNA from under 500 years ago. And we all know that DNA gets less and less the further back the ancestor existed. A NATIVE AMERICAN ancestor from the 1600s would not show up much. But then you have to take into account the way DNA is passed down. So it is an intricate and quite fascinating journey to discover your DNA. Being adopted at birth I knew nothing about my biological situation, last year I found my maternal side which is African American, the paternal is inconclusive. For Black folk, this can be infuriating when looking at your DNA because many find that their ancestors were raped by White devils or they find out general information of WEST AFRICA that pretty much leaves them where they were before, Celebrating the continent of Africa and having no allegiance to any particular tribe. Our Native American ancestry also gives us a unique history, as we have the rights to this AMERICAN land as well as the west African land. We are a displaced people yet we find so much cause to war with one another. I wish we would unite as a people, REALLY unite in the spirit of our ancestors.
I have studied the Fulani tribe and I really connect with them, especially the way they celebrate male beauty. The males dress up in make up and flashy colorful attire to compete for the admiration of the women in a special ceremony. (Of course my gay ass doesn’t want female admiration lol) I am extremely proud to come from these people. Being six feet tall with west African features, a lot of people assume I am from an African nation until I open my mouth.
The people of the African continent are beautiful, diverse and exist as the original people of the world. We should all be PROUD of who and what we come from. We are the most DOMINANT genes on earth and we created everyone else that exists around the world. They came from us, and that is why they hate us, just like Satan hates his creator in the mythological European Bible.



  1. D DOLLAR says:

    A bit of scientific knowledge here would help.

  2. We are not native to America. This video shows us this guys ethnic make up. But no where does it show any Native American or indigenous heritage. So where does he get this information from ? I'll tell you where. No where ! We're not native to the continent of north or south America.

  3. this is so funny i did. african ancestory which says my mitochondrial dna on mother side reach to the igbo of nigeria and Hausa of cameroon and mbenzle of cameroon from my father paternal side ged match shows i have those ancestory igbo also yoruba, hausa of cameroon benin and togo mende tribe hausa tribe bamadan from mali from ged match. so my ancestors where transported from mali senegal cameroon and nigeriaincluding benin and togo not to forget. on ged match my heritage dna and family tree dna ancestory most my ancestors are center around cameroon , nigeria, mali senegal. my biggest percentage is cameroon benin and togo and mali i think benin is part of nigeria i need to confirm that with ancestory


  5. Lol u are a fool for real .. I love it ??

  6. White tears lmfao. I'm dead???

  7. you are not ethiopian!

  8. Mariam Mag says:

    what do you mean you got s lot of Ethiopian in you? did you know we didn't have anything to do with Atlantic slave trade?

  9. if we are native ABORIGINAL people why you keep saying AFRICAN Americans?The slave master got y'all so dumb down.do research 90 percent of the slaves were indigenous black Americans.But y'all keep wanting to be Africans because someone else brainwashed you to believe that racial propaganda that they created.

  10. jdstaff40 says:

    Yeah, I have a funny shaped head too. Mine is sort of peanut shaped. I wonder how Anunnaki DNA looks on the DNA result… It probably shows up as other. But, come to think of it, the Anunnaki had oblong heads…so, so much for being related to Akhenaten and them.???

  11. Stop claiming Amerindians were black. Don't believe everything white people write or say. Whites also claimed that Tutsis were Caucasian, if you don't believe that why would you believe when they say some Amerindians were Negro?

  12. Bunfire123 says:

    I'll have to disagree, they did discriminate. Please do not be fooled…the British for example knew what tribes they did and did not want.

    I'm from Jamaica and it is well known that Akan (present day Ghana/Ivory coast) slaves were rebellious and the British even decided at a certain point to stop extracting from the Akan regions. The Europeans knew about the different ethnic groups which is why they were often forced to mix to stop groups uniting.

    The Europeans studied ethnic groups and found out difference between them. Some were more subordinate or rebellious than others…some were prone to suicide i.e. igbo (Nigeria/cameroon). Where do you think the term "Mandingo warrior" comes from?…from mandinika kingdoms.

    Research before making such ignorant statements.

  13. I'm so desperate to find out my origin. I've grown up being a "sierra leonean" .So any fulanis that have done a DNA please share. Thanks

  14. Le B says:

    I'm Fulani and I have never heard of one identifying as East African. When European explorers came to Africa they were confused of our complexion so created so many theories saying we stem from North, east or have some European descent. Honestly only God knows but I believe we are just West African of a lighter complexation.

  15. Tangela says:

    you are so funny?

  16. What is the fucking relationship between Egyptian Arabs and u guys?? Egypt is located between North Africa and West Asia. You guys are Black Sub-Saharan Africans and have nothing to do with whole Caucasian North Africa ( Morocco, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt ). It is simple like that North Africans are Caucasians and Sub-Saharan Africans are Negroids while East Africans are mixed. I hope that Afrocentrics stop stealing others history like Ancient Egypt, Israel, Ancient Arabia, Mayans and who knows what they will claim tomorrow LOL.

  17. dammee says:

    I like the song at the end lol

  18. Sapa Inti says:

    my sisters father is 92% African 7% native american. because he's an actual descendant of indigenous people, the Arawak and Carib of the Caribbean. he is Garifuna, they speak an Amerindian language, a whole lot different than you African Americans that are 1/2% native who want to rewrite history to feel better about their results. it's okay.

  19. Fantastic and funny video. From beginning to end this was entertaining.

  20. swt gal says:

    U kind of look like people of the hausa-fulani tribe of nigeria with the hat/cap. ??

  21. Umm Qiyaam says:

    lol this video was awesome

  22. Actually the first image are the Wodaabe a sub-group of the Fulani

  23. 100%Nicety says:

    I agree. DNA testing is useless and therefore a waste of money. Black people would do better spending that money on something else. In my opinion, it is a money-making scheme because I have found that most of the people and places mentioned are made of splintered groups that generally came from the same place and are related to one another.

  24. we all came from the Tower .and went to the four corners of the earth.

  25. NHKN says:

    This video was amusing as well as informative.

  26. LMAO:) Awesome. You had me rollin fam. Those were not Egyptians, those were Arabs. They are not Egyptian. You are.

  27. Ancestry uses autosomal DNA so it shows both sides of you ancestry. But every ancestry will not be reflected in you because as you go down the line on inheritance and only taking half of your parents genes some ethnicities will not be inherited in your DNA. Like if a paren is 50% Nigeria, 45% Ethiopian, and 5% Ghanaian, from the 50% you take from them none of it may be the Ghanaian and just the Ethiopian and Nigerian.

  28. This is the most fun ancestry DNA results ive ever watched lol why do you have 27 dislikes ! I guess they wanted a more serious video ! hahah – your results are almost the same as mine btw 🙂 I got 66% African 6 % Native American and 6% Middle East (Moroccan jewish ancestry i beleive) and 22% European (highest country being Spain – i thought you were latino actually !!)

  29. Ancestry has the most people tested anywhere. the other DNA also shows live people you are related, they just show the snips and you have to figure out who you match with them. YOU ARE AMERICAN!!! There were plenty of blacks who were not slaves too, lots near Connecticut owned property, some mixed marriages too… nothing is black or white, just mixed shades.. haha I had one test from ancestry DNA which is not ancestry.com that said I was 100 % Syrian lol…oh, and no I am not lol, ancestry.com actually backed up what I had for my ancestors and I found 8cousins who had the individual areas they are from still. if you have more money to throw away, you can get more matches from individual tribes…..Ancestry.com tests for both sides there are ydna tests that show the fathers lineage and one that shows just the moms only guys can take the ydna. lol you are so funny, I thought the squeaky voice was your voice at first lol you look so much like your birth mom. Good luck in your journey. I have three adopted grandkids that could not be anymore like us with shading skin tones, but ours!!! I would lay my life for them, as with any of my birth grands!!! if you want some help to maybe connect some dots let me know!

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