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31 thoughts on “Ancestry DNA and GEDmatch update/comparison (Mexican-American)

  1. L W c says:

    Wow you don't look Native American

  2. chetosr says:

    im gonna make this test , im really curious about my ancesters xD.

  3. Your a Mexican white boy be proud. Mestizo; French: Metisse find out what tribes and embrace them too. Be proud of your Europeaness too. You are Americano.

  4. He looks like a model or something.

  5. DJ Trevi says:

    Mursa and Galica are areas in Spain.  Greeting from Barcelona.

  6. Nearly 40%? Wow that's actually incredibly high for what u look like… I would've never guessed lol. And African. I guess it goes to show not to judge a book by its cover, even if you are a guerito or a prietito lol. And Native American is your highest one too. It's kinda weird tho, bc my family is kinda similar. In my dads side i have tios who look really downright super indigenous/ethnic, then on my dads side too I have aunts who looks incredibly light with light hair/green/blue eyes. Same with my moms side too, my mom looks really guera but I also have a tia on my moms side who looks really indigenous.

  7. Thank you for making this. I am also a very light skinned Mexican, but I don't think I look very European nor indigenous. I need to try one of these.

  8. I am Mexican-american and I am 45% Native-American, 22%Iberian Penisula, 9%ita/greek, and 11% low confidence regions from Senegal, West Asia.

  9. Marlene A. says:

    36% Native American that's actually not too high. You're more European than native. You don't look too NA in my opinion 🙂

  10. i get teased for being light skinned too. even light skinned friends tease me just because I'm lighter than them lol. I'm excited to get my results back from 23andme.

  11. You look Galician and celtic !
    Greetings from Spain 🙂

  12. Arriba michoacan apanzingan

  13. Huitzilli says:

    Thats cool you look light skin and still have a high percentage of native American DNA.. Ill be making a video too of my 23andme results. I hope you can check it out.

  14. Bro wtf I'm im 75% European and you still look whiter then me damn

  15. I am half mexican and black most of the black is from the waist down!

  16. José these are great results … I'm about to take my test thru ancestry DNA … but to comment on the GED match results … they look very detailed but it would warrant further research on your part to interpret them … the results tha.t seem most clear are from AncestryDNA… I understand the appearance of the Native American DNA in your test … I'm exactly like you very light skin Mexican American… and now reflecting back on my knowledge of my grandfather I can see very visible traces of European in him & his siblings … you have very interesting results & ones to be proud of … thanks for sharing

  17. Oh my gosh, yes! GEDMATCH is confusing, I'm still trying to figure out the distance percentage ?

  18. Cool. Check out my ancestry DNA results on my channel. I got 19% African & 64% Native American. I'm Mexican also.

  19. Jean Mora says:

    as I have seen in many videos of Mexican's if you're 50% European or higher you look white complex

  20. Bea says:

    Your results were somewhat similar to mine especially having a pretty high Native American percentage and being so light skinned as am I , I think it has to do with our European phenotype being much stronger than our Native American , great results ! I would have actually thought you to be jalisciense as well

  21. north atlantic is great britian and ireland

  22. for europe use eurogenes k 36 for african ethonfilx for general mdl project world and world 22

  23. We have almost identical Spanish and Italian ancestry on GED match, I think we're possibly related ,even though I'm Puerto Rican and your Mexican

  24. cool results how do you feel being indigenous. I'm Apache and wayuu

  25. what part of mexico are your parents from?

  26. subtitulos en español

  27. Adrian says:

    your results were similar to mine

  28. Midnight says:

    Hey, it looks like it's ethnicities. It's show different types of Hispanic and Latin origins. It's giving you probability estimates. I can't really see because some are covered over but I do see Caribbean and Puerto Rican so it's trying to lump you in there somewhere.

  29. As far as the distance goes, the smaller the distance the closest it is to your ethnicity.

  30. MDLP World 22 I found is the best for a person who has native american ancestry

  31. great results ! try uploading your DNA to DNA.Land i have heard it is easier to understand than GEDmatch

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