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Ancestry DNA Commercial Validates Transgenders

Ancestry DNA Commercial Validates Transgenders

Kyle discovers the Gay Gene is real when he takes the best genetics test on the market. His Ancestry DNA testing kit reveals that half of his ancestors were transgender. Some question the accuracy of the results at ancestrydna.com, while others insist that the funny commercial is nothing more than a parody expressing comedy in the form of satire. However, Kyle’s DNA test results from Ancestry DNA’s competing company 23andme also confirms that the results are accurate, and that the positive reviews from the LGBTTTQQIAA community can be trusted. Either way, this youtube channel is a great place to find bizarre videos and commercials like this. So you should subscribe right now!

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7 thoughts on “Ancestry DNA Commercial Validates Transgenders

  1. TAC TIMES: PLEASE… give a warning next time!!!! I almost cracked my head open after falling out of my chair laughing!! (I woke the whole house up too!) LOLOL!!! Brilliant T.T.!!

  2. All I know is that I came from Adam and Eve! God doesn't make mistakes!

  3. What? Are you kidding me! Lol, that's like saying the moon is made out of blue cheese!!

  4. Don’t know the whole point of this commercial. But respect to them for saying it’s not normal. Many people get offended by this as if it’s supposed to degrade Transgenderism or Homosexuality. But factually reflecting it on the meaning of the word, it can’t stand up with being normal.

  5. Hilarious! Shared . Cheers

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