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Ancestry DNA results/23 and me review

Ancestry DNA results/23 and me review

This is my very 1st video so I’m kinda nervous, so don’t judge please! :] Anyways this is me revealing my ancestry DNA test results as well as what I thought of the 23 and me ethnicity DNA test.


42 thoughts on “Ancestry DNA results/23 and me review

  1. I wouldn't think too low of those small percentages. That could be a full great great grandparent or they may be a significantly higher percentage in your parents. They may be forgotten but they made your parents who in turn made you what you are.

  2. +Danielle White…you remind me of Zoe Kravitz a little.

  3. f19ure says:

    South african hunter gatherer ancestry = khoikhoi/san (khoisan).

  4. I would have said Lebanese.

  5. Afropurp says:

    Actually white people are biracial modern human and Neanderthal , is that cave mullato or what

  6. QTee says:

    pretty sure you are still biracial with 47% African DNA… pretty sure it doesn't have to be a dead even split

  7. I watched this a while back whilst waiting for my results and I knew we'd have similar results because of how similar u look to me (when I'm natural and not covered in war paint and hair extensions) and daaamn our DNA is pretty much identical.

    55% European

    39% Great Britain
    12% Irish

    Trace regions of Eastern Europe, Europe West and Scandinavia

    44% African

    17% mali
    15% Nigeria
    5% Benin / Togo

    Trace regions of Cameroon/Congo, Southeastern bantu

    And native American trace regions

    Both my parents are mixed race tho, Caribbean and British.

  8. M ME says:

    Omg you go to my university!!

  9. jan jansen says:

    you actually do look jewish.

  10. You beautiful baby, simple ass that

  11. Armando B. says:

    Iberian peninsula is only Spain & Portugal, not Morocco

  12. Black Americans are more European than White Americans are African. So if a white person and a black person have a baby we might consider it 50/50 but in reality it'd be more European than African. Which is interesting considering they still on average look more black.

  13. Pat Walker says:

    Beware of the ancestry.com 'Free Trial Membership' which says in bold print – "Choose a membership to try. There's no risk – you'll only be billed if you decide to keep your membership after your free trial."
    This statement is completely contradicted in the fine print of the Terms And Conditions. Even if you remember to cancel, they make it almost impossible to do so. They have your credit card info. Expect to get screwed.

  14. 8% is a lot.  If you were 100% Nigerian, it is possible that your great-great-grandchildren would only be 6% Nigerian.

  15. Kma Bnya says:

    SHE IS 43% AFRICAN, 57% European

  16. Quinn says:

    Your hair is 100 percent African.

  17. I had the same DNA results I thought I was 50 50 mix black white ancestry DNA said I was 44 African and 56 percent European. another test I did in 2008 said 37% African and 55% European and8% Asian .so close to my DNA.take care.

  18. Midnight says:

    Hey, I'm just curious. Does it tell you whether or not you like cilantro.. I love extremely spicy food and would like to know if it mentions that on your test. I've never taken the test because I thought they just talked about heritages and disease but if they talk about heritage and fun things than I'm game lol.

  19. Misty Moo says:

    I think you did a great first video there 🙂 especially because you are one of a few who understood that the trace regions bit doesn't mean anything. I made a test with another provider and there they stated that in fact everything between 1-3% is statistical noise. I think the most people don't realise this and count on every single 0 whatever % they get on their tests.

  20. Ahora ya says:

    Multiracial like Obama, even if more European than him because the father of Obama was 100% African while if your father is black American that means usually he is mixed (as has been proven) 57% European is more white than black.

  21. I enjoyed your video. I did the Ancestry DNA and am thinking of doing the 23 and me. I always was told German and Irish, but I came back mainly British with almost the same amount of German and Irish. I came back 1 % African, but I did not discard that even if it was small. Doing Ancestry research, I found my African ancestors on my grandmother's side. My grandmother's ancestors were African until maybe 2 generations before her. I think the small amount is only because in relation to all the European ancestors I have, it isn't very much. It isn't because it is that far back. Every part of our DNA makes up us. Again, I enjoyed the video.

  22. The reasons why it is hard to trace African Ancestry to a specific countries is that one, most of the borders within Africa were only drawn in the last half century and it wasn't Africans who drew them. Consequently, you have closely related individuals of the same "tribe" or ethnic group spread across multiple, different countries. Example, the Tuareg tribe is spread across parts of Mail, Niger, Morocco, and Libya. Second, African Americans are a mixture of many different African ethnic groups as a result of slavery. The Masters purposely broke up people from the same tribe to avoid them forming alliances and rebelling against them. Third, African genetic diversity is underrepresented in most databases of these testing companies. There is most genetic diversity in Africa than anywhere else in the world yet, the number of Africans sampled pales in comparison to the number of Europeans and North Americans. Hope that helps.

  23. i had read from watching videos that middle eastern and native american is a very close gene and sometimes come up as eachother

  24. Gedmatch says I am 0.13% sub Sahara , but Ancestrydna only pics up 1% North African

  25. Cathy D. says:

    All the % make up who you are tho all the 1% added with the rest make 100% You.so You shouldn't really discard them.before You even said Jewish I knew it was gonna be in there You totally look Jewish

  26. It's low because most African-Americans themselves are mixed with European. So of course you're not going to show up 50% African.

  27. even tho you have like 57% white…the black still dominates even tho its a lesser percent. very pretty too cool vid

  28. I guess you're European

  29. Chris says:

    i thought you looked very Irish.

  30. "Britain" would also include part of Ireland, since Ireland is part independent and partially incorporated in the UK. British does not mean only English. They should have listed it as british isles if they're going to be broad like that.

  31. Hi, i was interested in your video because I can't decide which test to take. I wanted add that if your mom and Dad were to take the test, you will out more. First of all as a female you don't carry the y chromosome and with your father taking the test you can trace your last name. If you have a brother he could do it for the y-chromosome test, but it is better to get both parents to take it. A full blood brother of your father might work too.

  32. you look very middle eastern

  33. you look like my grandmother

  34. Testiva says:

    You should upload your raw DNA file to GEDmatch.com if you have not already. If you're looking for native American ancestry then try the Dodecad World9 calculator on GEDmatch.com. To pick up smaller amounts of African then you should use the Dodecad V3 calculator.

  35. Prema El says:

    remember the moors built up europe the renascence was african work so just because it says europe docent mean your just white

  36. My God, You have to tell me where you got that shirt

  37. Jan MoCo says:

    You have beautiful skin coloring and love your hair. Didn't 23 and me have the health DNA? thats why I want to contact them. I like you and u seem really kind. Job well done on first video! I am subbing you!

  38. The Ibearian Peninsula only includes Spain, Portugal and Andorra Morroco is part of Africa.

  39. how and where do you do an acestry DNA exam?

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