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9 thoughts on “Ancestry DNA Results + DNALAND & GEDMATCH

  1. This is such a great video and I can't wait to see more from you ❤️ Also if you'd like, id love it if you could check out my channel as well!!!

  2. those white slave masters were horny because it seems every black American has European in them.

  3. I love your video and how you displayed your results for ancestrydna, gedmatch, and dna land! I'll have to agree with one of you commentators. DNA land isn't reliable.

  4. your Scandinavian is high wow… cool results

  5. Have you tried 23andme? DNA LAND isn't reliable.

  6. What does it mean when it say, "does not include expat Baltimore MD" in your scroll of DNA land? How quickly do you get GEDMATCH and DNA land results? Thanks

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  8. wow girl, hopefully you can contact some family to get more information.

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