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Ancestry DNA Results: My Sister’s vs My Results + Our GEDMatch DNA Comparison

Ancestry DNA Results: My Sister’s vs My Results + Our GEDMatch DNA Comparison

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Take a look at my sister’s Ancestry DNA Results next to my results from 23andme! Also see how much identical DNA we share according to GEDMatch!

Take the test:
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Alison’s 23andMe DNA Reaction Video!!! https://youtu.be/ef30KOiffcM

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29 thoughts on “Ancestry DNA Results: My Sister’s vs My Results + Our GEDMatch DNA Comparison

  1. Hunchback Human life weird with females life??

  2. So Coco says:

    I'm Trinidadian too! Just ordered my Ancestry DNA kit. It will be interesting to compare my results to as many other Trinis as possible.

  3. Yeah you both need to take a trip to Africa now cuz that's the motherland that's who made us into Who We Are that's why I tell all black people we are from Africa

  4. 42% Ghana it's time for you to start representing Ghana my sister Stephanie go out and go get you some dashikis and Google plans you a trip to go to Ghana cuz that's what I'm on my way to doing go visit the motherland your roots your heritage that's where you came from that's what makes up you

  5. Hello from Japan. Thanks a lot for sharing your results. It was very interesting! I just cannot decide which one I should try… I will check your other videsos. (^ν^)

  6. J T says:

    Very intelligent, very beautiful, very graceful!

    Thanks for sharing! You really educated me on a few things before I do my first DNA test.

  7. Hola dear. I took mines and did Gedmatch comparison. I’m shocked that I have so S. African. I’m confused?? But I’m 16% SE. I didn’t inherit so much Ghana but more Benin/Togo. My mom is from all over the continent and seems almost evenly spreader out while my uncle is predominantly Ghana and Nigerian Kingdoms. My siblings have different percentages and m6 brother and I seem to be similar with the Benin/Togo region. By the way, my parents are Jamaican ??. I’m a NYC born gyal and I’m 94% African. I didn’t get the native American but my siblings did. Lol. I inherited the Austronesian and Melanesian.

  8. This is caribbean beauty. Seriously

  9. Tee Carr says:

    Two same-parent siblings will have identical heritage DNA results, as ancestry does not vary, unlike other traits. If it does not match exactly, it is consequential to a faulty test result. PEOPLE PLEASE: READ A BIOLOGY TEXT! Your DNA is NOT variable!! For it to be variable, you would need to change each person's involved ancestry, i.e., your grandfather would not be the same grandfather as the other person's, and so on. READ. READ. READ!!! ?

  10. Tiffany too her mum Dna result and u took ur dna result from ur dad

  11. Your both adorable. I enjoyed the bloopers, bloopers are the best

  12. Mine is currently in the "DNA Extracting" portion! Did you religiously login to see what step they were on? Your video make me so excited!

  13. The test is stupid if siblings have different ancestry. That implies they have different parents when they don't.

  14. Kit Kat says:

    we might be related. my family is from both islands. small world!

  15. can you switch and the one does the other test!

  16. For $5 you can enter your raw data into this site:
    promethease dot com/ondemandagreed and they will give you information for your health based on DNA – like for me I'm highly susceptible to melanoma based on my DNA. It got my skin, hair and eye color correct. Only thing I can say about this service is its a lot of info and a little overwhelming

  17. My daughter's grandmother (from trinidad) got similar results in that she also had the same kind of asia mix with african. Wonder if most Trinidadians have trace asia. My theory is it relates to the historical event of the Silk Road that accounts for the asian ancestry.

  18. you girls are stunning!!

  19. J C says:

    Beautiful girls.

  20. Mood Blue says:

    So people get a DNA report done just to comfirm they are african or in most cases mixed with some white blood? How do you spell scam? So dont believe your eyes believe what a piece of paper say? they cant tell you where or how and under which cercumstanses it is what it is… well hell you could have told them that before you gave them your money!

  21. Great knowledgeable video! 8)

  22. TheBritFix says:

    This was sooo helpful. Going with ancestry because it's more detailed in country breakdowns. Thanks!!!

  23. 3642130 says:

    good gawd almightay…

  24. are you Hamites, SHEMITES or Edomites

  25. jack bower says:


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