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Ancestry DNA Results Part II: The Eurasian Austronesian GEDmatch

Ancestry DNA Results Part II: The Eurasian Austronesian GEDmatch

…Or is it a *grudge* match?! And this time, it’s *personal.* It’s also a brief lesson in Asian geography, ethnic groups, and ancient migrations! Yay?


1:40 MDLP K16
4:06 Eurogenes K13
5:17 Eurogenes EUTest V2 K5
6:03 Eurogenes K36
6:36 Dodecad V3
7:52 HarappaWorld
8:52 puntDNAL K13
10:08 puntDNAL K12
10:57 GedrosiaDNA Eurasia K9
12:04 GedrosiaDNA Near East Neolithic K13
12:29 GedrosiaDNA K12

Spoilers: If my ancestry was a game, then China, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Cambodia would be the MVPs. The Undefeated of the East, if you will. Myanmar and Indonesia would be up there, too. Given the constant appearances of the Dai, Uyghur, Hazara, and other ethnic groups, it’s clear that Central Asia would already be in the Hall of Fame. They played an important role; it’s just a matter of how many generations ago. Meanwhile, the Balkans added Scotland, England, France, and Germany to their lineup, thus creating a true Dream Team of the West. And somehow, sometime the Sherpa came in with the assist!

…Okay, but seriously. After learning about Ancestry DNA’s laughable coverage of Asian countries, I decided to take things one step further by uploading to GEDmatch. It’s not precise and not user-friendly, but still quite informative. I still don’t have all the answers, but my heritage has been narrowed down. By the way, I obviously didn’t include *every* result, just the ones that showed up most frequently across the board. Different calculators use different samples, after all. There was a fair amount of Norwegian, Swedish, Polish, Atayal, Miaozu, Malay, and Kyrgyz as well. Because things clearly weren’t mixed enough already.


8 thoughts on “Ancestry DNA Results Part II: The Eurasian Austronesian GEDmatch

  1. Native American, Jomo Japanese and Modern Tibetan and Burma all are from Tibet Qiangtic

  2. you are showing the results of already mixed migrants , test the native populations and you will see you have nothing to do with them .


  4. maybe you have Cambodia because the Champ people is also live of part the Cambodia land today and they speak Austronesian family language to but maybe

  5. Awesome vid! šŸ˜€ Iā€™m very admixed just like yourself. I have an Asian mother who is mostly Chinese and has some central Asian dna from neighboring countries as well as mainly Northwestern European. I was wondering where you found the component where you get the 4 population estimates because I only see two for mixed mode population sharing.

  6. I am Eurasian as well, primarily from what i believe is Portuguese and Korean. Its disappointing to see your results from ancestryDNA. I already bought the kit and sent it in but knowing i can discover my Asian heritage through other websites via the raw data is comforting. I would have totally gone with 23andMe if i had known this. But GEDmatch is probably more accurate anyways and i got my kit during the Olympics sale for around $60. I'll come back to this video to share my findings with you as you would probably find it interesting as someone who shares a common background.

  7. lucidity4 says:

    I LOVE GEDmatch. It even separated my Spanish from my Basque in Iberia.

  8. Wow. Looks like you ended up with more mystery than you ever started with. I'm interested in getting an Ancestry DNA test but after your "botched" result, I'm having second thoughts. I'm from SE Asia, BTW.

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