Home DNA AncestorAncestry DNA Results UPDATE (GEDMatch, WeGene) | #SSSVEDA DAY 29, 2017
Ancestry DNA Results UPDATE (GEDMatch, WeGene) | #SSSVEDA DAY 29, 2017

Ancestry DNA Results UPDATE (GEDMatch, WeGene) | #SSSVEDA DAY 29, 2017

For #SSSVEDA Day 29, I’m sharing an update to my Ancestry DNA Results with my WeGene results and GEDMatch results… plus addressing the haters and explaining why I care in the first place. GET 10% OFF YOUR ANCESTRY DNA KIT: https://refer.dna.ancestry.com/s/6yd3o
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27 thoughts on “Ancestry DNA Results UPDATE (GEDMatch, WeGene) | #SSSVEDA DAY 29, 2017

  1. Just wanted to say as a non-hater, I appreciate the time people are putting into making these videos. I had no interest in the DNA kits or making a family tree. Back in 1995 there was not much information out there. Now, I have learned so much about my family in such a short time. Some I had always wondered about and some I never thought I would find info on. I wish I had used your link when I ordered my daughter and myself kit. I would have saved $20. Thanks again

  2. Anyone know if this test is good with Native ancestry?

  3. I just want to know how many cousin matches you have from Wegene?

  4. The Balkan peninsular is in southeast europe: Croatia, Serbia,Bosnia, albania etc.

  5. I think WeGenes numbers are the most accurate I calculated all my numbers from Ancestry GedMatch and Dna.Land and I got the numbers from WeGene buuuut fr some reason my Europeans were off I got only three on WeGene and like 6 on Ancestry.com the African tribes were the same as urs but I've noticed everyone I've looked at like urs and mine and a friend of mine seems like weGene automatically gives everyone 0.01 percent chinese that part seems sketchy lol SMH and annoying cus everyone who isn't Chinese can't be 0.01 percent chinese lol smh

  6. K LR says:

    I want to do this too, but i can guarantee my results will not be that interesting. I know for a fact I'm 100% European. I'm from England but I think I may have a little bit of Scandinavian and Italian because England was invaded by the Vikings and the Romans, But who knows may have to talk my self into doing it.

  7. ashsqx324 says:

    l guessed you were arab/middle eastern… but youre 0% middle eastern lol ur so beautyyy

  8. Mac Seon says:

    Wegene is terrible. GeDmatch is amazing and way more helpful than any of the big 3 testing. The calculators on Gedmatch EXPLAIN this in the FAQs. Just google how to interpret results and there are many helpful boards out there. And far less bigoted towards both blacks and whites than creeps on YT.

  9. Thank you for sharing this.

  10. "Nothing about my results is going to change who I am; how I culturally identify, or anything like that." Wow! How refreshing to find someone having these tests done & having this very same position on it that I do! I was a practicing Mexican for years before even new that was any such thing as ethnicity. I'm a Mexican (Chicano), because I'M a Mexican; I've been living a Mexican life, all of my life, & what my ancestors were can't affect that! I think that it's absolutely ridiculous when people say that they are something just because their ancestors were that. We are what we, ourselves, are, not what our ancestors were, unless they kept up the knowledge & practice of that culture, right up until our parents passed it on to us. The true test of a family's ethnicity, is when they unconsciously pass it on to the next generation, just by living that way, & their children just learn to do things the way their parents did them. There are no conscious teachers nor learners; there's just people living their lives, the way it comes naturally to them. The culture that you learn that way is your ethnicity—no matter what the ethnicity of your ancestors was. Btw, I happy to hear that you learn a lot from my Mexican people, because what I just described is the traditional Mexican Way, & I suspect that that is why you see this matter the same way that I do.

  11. Balkans is south east Europe.

  12. Marc E says:

    Like you said, they are very good at estimating ethnicity, but not specifics within those ethnicities

  13. Balkan refers to the Southeastern part of Europe.. Bulgaria, Kosovo, Albania, Bosnia.

  14. Bantu SA is probably South Africa hey. SA has Bantu and Hunter Gatherer tribes.

  15. Star Fire says:

    I havent viewed your previous video, but I honestly thought you where India before I clicked the video ?

  16. ??? Were you getting Indian haters?

  17. Of course its pretty true… not 99% on the breakdown but if your family did the test they would match you as relatives, so how can it be fake. You do look south asian, doesnt matter, could just be all the mixtures added up to that. 🙂

  18. LJ some of the "haters" are simply people who troll the internet spreading their misery…. You are very good at what you do… We would love to see your mother's results and even better if she joins you… I have family members whom "hate" each other for simply garbage reasons… I caution them about the dangers of their positions…. I'm almost "old" now and I have traveled some and been exposed to folk whom didn't know their family history and ended up married to relatives whom were genetically TOO CLOSE with horrific results…. Some people cannot simply get over getting slighted or wronged… It's an unfortunate aspect of life and living… It's too bad that trolls do not stay in their troll holes and insist upon spreading their "stuff!" Keep doing your thing, be happy and just LIVE!!!!

  19. SA is most likely referring to South Africa. I'm not surprised you received a lot of hate on here. YouTube is replete with racist negrophobes and it doesn't help you're very beautiful and have a black boy friend.

    Look at it as a wake up call to the world we really live in. These vermin never really went away they just burrowed underground.

  20. I always think these tests are interesting. Need to try it myself.

  21. Akin Ajamu says:

    I wouldn't trust WeGene's African ethnic group results at this point. All of the results I've seen on YouTube so far have resulted in an extremely high percentage of Yoruba. Even in cases in which the majority of African countries from AncestryDNA were not in Yoruba areas.

  22. Dinero&Uch says:

    Any small YouTubers want to support each other? Videos out on our page now, check them out 🙂

  23. Thanks for sharing this with us. I want to do this very soon

  24. jo_ v80 says:

    That's pretty cool . I haven't done a test but my uncle once traced our Ancestry back to the first settlers of Canada from France (he wanted the tax exempt card in Canada). I consider myself 100% French Canadian lol.

  25. A very interesting video. I've passed a link to the video to my brother Rodney who is heavily into Genealogy (he runs a class in a nearby town library).

  26. That video keeps getting stuck at around 20 seconds or so. Then it starts up again.

  27. Just forget about those haters. You're concerned cause you care. Tsss ?✌?

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