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ANCESTRY results! GEDmatch! Predominately Italian/Eastern Europe descent

ANCESTRY results! GEDmatch! Predominately Italian/Eastern Europe descent

These 2 calculators seem to be the best K13 and K36 for people of European descent. Enjoy!
@ 7:18 I meant to say Ancestry DNA not GEDmatch
NOTE: Azeri which I got a lot of on K13 4 mode population is the Azerbaijan/Armenian/North Iran region.


10 thoughts on “ANCESTRY results! GEDmatch! Predominately Italian/Eastern Europe descent

  1. I would love to visit Italy…I am 25% Italian. Join me?

  2. Das Reich says:

    Be careful with K13 though, Asians are over represented and everyone ends up with it though none of the ancestry dna show

  3. which countries are north sea?

  4. Ellie Slym says:

    Hello, bit of a weird question here but my Mums results are kinda similar to yours, we always heard that my Mums Mum had Italian in her but never really was sure, my mum uploaded her results to gedmatch and her results for K13 were.. North Atlantic 51% Baltic 22.52% West Med 12.47% West Asian 8.67% East Med 2.85% South Asian 1.36% Red Sea 0.13.. You said that your dad was fully Italian and your Mother has half Italian in her? Would this indicate that my grandma was just under half Italian?

  5. It's a great tool to use

  6. qh777 says:

    I uploaded my 23 and me data to Gedmatch and went to eurogenes k13 and got: North Atlantic 50.95%, Baltic 20.6%, West Mediterranean 14.34%, West Asian 5.11%, Red Sea 3.89%, East Mediterranean 3.28%, Amerindian(Native American)1.16%, Oceanian 0.45%, Sub-Saharan 0.17%, and lastly South Asian 0.05%. Not really going to count Amerindian and that because it is a small percentage and could be an error. The top five single population areas that I match with are: 1. Southwest English (3.6), 2. Southeast English (4.75), 3. West Scottish (4.93), 4. Irish (5.14), and 5. Orcadian (5.28).

  7. Nice results brother. On my K13 my top mixed mode pop. Sharing was north Italian and Mayan at 5.62 %. A little like yours except my second source was Native American. What would your western Mediterranean be considered? I have 3.10% on my k36, but not too sure if it would be under my Iberian or Italian.

  8. Wow saw all your dna vids we have a lot of the same . Looks like we could be related haa. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Top 5 percentages for K36
    Italian 19.70%
    East Central Europe 8.41%
    French 8.03%
    East Balkin 6.94%
    Eastern Europe 6.62%

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