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  1. Africa is the only continent where they have tribes in the world

  2. Use WeGene too WeGene def gave me good percentages GedMatch is good I think their very first chart was the most closely related to me Ancestry didn't say I was Balkan but WeGene and DNA.Land said I was this makes me feel they were the original ancestors of more European "British or Irish" ancestry that Ancestry.com um also I think Ancestrys percentages are good buuut I think WeGenes percentages and ancestry breakdowns are way more accurate it gave me everything percentage wise after I added up plus some of the cultures I just knew I had to have they showed up maybe not a lot but they showed up none the less

  3. steve boy says:

    what tribe did you get enrolled in

  4. ma hi says:

    Click on oracle on gedmatch, that's where the specific population tribal percentages are. You're missing the good stuff.

  5. Africa 2%
    Low Confidence Region
    Africa North < 1%
    Africa Southeastern Bantu < 1%

    Europe 89%
    Great Britain 40%
    Italy/Greece 14%
    Europe West 12%
    Ireland 8%
    Scandinavia 8%
    Low Confidence Region
    Finland/Northwest Russia 4%
    Europe East 2%
    Iberian Peninsula 1%

    America 7%
    Native American 7%

    West Asia 2%
    Caucasus 2%

    DNA Land Raw Dna Data

    Northwest European 60%
    South/Central European 19%
    Southwestern European 8.7%
    Southwestern European 6%
    Sardinian 2.7%
    Finnish 4.2%
    Native American 7.9%
    West Eurasian 92%

    sorry i put Southwestern European twice thats what it showed me!

  6. Does the DNA results have any effect on your identity?

  7. tbh is it awkward talking to a fourth British cousin knowing that their relative could have raped your ancestor??

  8. How do you know which admixture model to choose, on Gedmatch?? Depending on which one I click, one would say that I have 0.45 Amerindian, another model would say 0.25, another has no result for Amerindian but then shows 0.79 for beringian (the PuntDNAL K12 model).. Another model says I'm both North American Indian and South American Indian, another would say that I'm arctic Indian.. Só which one is the correct one to looks at??? ????

  9. I'm glad you just didn't take the test but also reached out to others to grow your tree.

  10. South Eastern Bantu is the same as East African. It included areas like Kenya which is east africa.

  11. Mizosoop says:

    Our results are very similar. I got 66% African, 31% West Eurasian, 1.4% Ambiguous, and 1.1% Native American.

  12. wattdj says:

    Dna land is very low rated and inaccurate. Please only stick with your ancestrydna results only.

  13. You didn't tell us which tribes you tested for under dna.land for each country region.

  14. Very happy for you that your native blood showed up this time!  That's why families stories are so important!  Glad to call you a native sister of mine 🙂

  15. mmmariis says:

    It angers me that those dna tests refer Finnish and North western Russians together. The people who live in North Western Russia are not genetically Russians nor even slavic. The site should call this group as Fenno-Ugric people! The whole penisula of Finland used to be Finnish and Fenno-Ugric people. Fenno-Ugric people had their own culture and languages which are totally different from Russians. So is the language. Finnish and Estonian languages are very closely related and they are as different from Russian as is Engish from Chinese. Finnish are the most blond and blue eyed people along with other scandinavians and Fenno Ugric people. Russia has always been a very invasive country and they took half a Finland away from Finnish people. The last areas were taken not long ago – during the second world war (1939). The eastern part of Finland which now belongs to Russia is still called Karjala – which means both in Finnish and Estonian language a field where you let your cows, sheep and other animals to eat grass. All the place names over there are Finnish. I hope these sites explain that information!

  16. love this and thanks for sharing this info..once my results come in ill now know how to dig deeper ..love and light??

  17. Ancestry DNA admittedly doesn't provide terribly precise results, and the percentage that you initially see for each region is really an average (or a median, rather) of 40 different estimates of what your ancestry could be for that region. What's good about Ancestry DNA is that it shows the ranges in which these estimates fall in a bar graph once you click on those median percentages. After I realized the importance of this, I started to question whether DNA Land and GEDmatch are also providing some sort of median results as well and simply aren't being transparent about the ranges that they are in fact detecting as Ancestry DNA does.

    Native American ancestry can certainly be detected by Ancestry DNA if you happen to have Mesoamerican ancestry because the NA sample groups appear to come primarily from that area. I think that's an unfortunate thing for people who do have NA ancestry from other regions in the Americas, and I hope Ancestry DNA and others will be able to coax more NA people to provide DNA samples.

    By the way, if you like connecting with people, I hope you've tried the "'One-to-many' matches" tool on GEDmatch, too.

  18. Livelive says:

    I'm happy for you. You know you could be more Native American, but some Native American tribes refused to test, because they are against DNA testing. They have their own way of keeping family bloodlines.

  19. Check out these links. Some might give insight to Great Britain/Irish DNA, the others may give you further exploration of yourself.






    Also, a lot of DNA doesn't mean that it is dominant DNA. Smaller amounts may be dominant.

    Scandinavians (Norway/Finland-Vikings)…Vikings lived with the Irish and Scotts.

    Forgot to mention. Many Africans who either escaped from slavery or when set free found themselves to be a part of various American Indian tribes that welcomed them in. Also, those who believed that they should have American Indian in them but it didn’t show up…it may have shown up as Asian…the origins of the Indians.

  20. Darth Mal says:

    Ancestry .com DNA is a "Crock-of-Shit". You pre-fill information that informs them of your background. You send your saliva (which they probably chuck in the trash) and PRESTO! You think you are white and not black, or the other way around. I sent my saliva, along with all my family information. My family originates from Central America. They told me I am 75% Spanish, mixed with native American and slight African. I purposely left out that I was adopted from South Korea and that I look like Kim Jong Un's brother. You'll get better results from Miss Cleo!

  21. Great video! My uncle (dad's brother) took the ancestry Dna test so I'll deff have him upload to Gedmatch and Dna land since he came up 15% unknown thru ancestry.

  22. Tanny D. says:

    great job!!! you are gorgeous !!

  23. Tanny D. says:

    great job!!! you are gorgeous !!

  24. Ito Roots says:

    Thanks for sharing

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