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15 thoughts on “AncestryDNA results compared to GEDmatch… ???

  1. Aixa V says:

    I would think that if your Daddy is Puerto Rican more Iberian Peninsula and Africa would show up.. Unless his European ancestry is from Italy/Greece then it does show up in your results.. but I'm confused with the low Africa percentage. Honestly, only 1% is rare for Puerto Ricans.

  2. Allie S says:

    OK, the reason they are different is because most companies only have DNA from modern individuals to compare yours to so they only test back about 10 generations. Gedmatch.com, Wegene.com, and Dnaland.com, go back much farther than that; that's because they are essentially anthropological companies that collect DNA samples from ancient individuals and then compare it to yours. Ex…. DNA from Ancestry.com may say one is 50% British, 40% East Asian and 10% Native American, however, this only reflects their ancestors countries up to the last 500 years- where those ancestors came from before that time is evident in your genetic make-up with ancient individuals. In other words, your ancestors from Britain could have actually come down from France, while your East Asian ones could have originally come from Siberia.

  3. Middle east can be Jewish too

  4. Oh u did gedmatch, lol

  5. GED match is better at native blood , I have 13% African , 12% native by GED match, 23and me …let's forget their results lol

  6. Add your DNA to gedmatch its free, and better for people like us

  7. Gedmatch actually goes many more years back. Like 5000 or even higher while other tests just go back 1000 years. White supremacists might be lucky in ancestry DNA and 23andme but not on gedmatch as most white people get a lot of west Asian, East Mediterranean, Caucasus etc

  8. North East European and Caucasus is likely Proto Indo European if you are not from the area. Many of Indo European speakers get it

  9. Cree X says:

    Great video my sister! I'm glad you should the regions that Ancestry doesn't give you, but showed traces coming up. I noticed it also, because it changed a lot of my percentages when more ethnicities showed up in Gedmatch which I think is more accurate with the right project. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Good Vibes says:

    ANCESTRY DNA is wortless for ASIANs, the whole asia is classified as East Asia, it doesnt provide you a breakdown . its very european centric. wat a waste of money

  11. John Smith says:

    On ancestry DNA you have 21% Italy/Greece, 2% Iberian and 4% West/Central Asia. I have only 1% Caucasus and no other Mediterranean, yet I got 33% Mediterranean and you only got 30% and I also got more percentages on my west Asian than you when I only have 1%. Did ancestry fuck up my results. All I can think of is the europe west they gave me (37%) is actually a mixture of Mediterranean. Idk. Can someone plz help me

  12. That native is taino from Puerto Rico Puerto Rico have taino Arawak blood

  13. Taino is you that heritage be proud

  14. Which DNA testing organisation did u prefer/ think is more accurate? ?

  15. Haplogrouping is trying to sell the idea of race where there is supposedly
    31 haplogroups derived from theĀ  Y-DNA and the MtDNA.

    In order for the Y-DNA and the MtDNA to be definitive as to one's
    parenting, it has to be mutually exclusive to everyone else living excluding
    one's siblings. Of the 8 billion people livings on earth excluding siblings,
    there would have to be at least if not more than 4 billion haplogroups to
    represent the mutually exclusivity of everyone currently living. This not only
    showing the absurdity of 31 haplogroups, but they are promoting a fraud
    analogous to reading tea leaves or fortunetelling, as to who is one's ancestry.

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