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AncestryDNA Results: My Cousin’s DNA + How To Confirm Family Ties via GedMatch

AncestryDNA Results: My Cousin’s DNA + How To Confirm Family Ties via GedMatch

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In this video, my cousin Samara shares her Ancestry DNA results and learns how to prove family ties using GedMatch.com!

Take the test:
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Alison’s 23andMe DNA Reaction Video!!! https://youtu.be/ef30KOiffcM

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26 thoughts on “AncestryDNA Results: My Cousin’s DNA + How To Confirm Family Ties via GedMatch

  1. Allison I love you and your family, and BTW, my name is Allison too and I'm Trini too.  I did my African Ancestry, still waiting on my results.  I didn't want to do Ancestry because I heard they sell your information, but you'll have convinced me…I'll do it also.

  2. Two beautiful young ladies it did my heart good to listen to them they cheered me up ,a long and happy life to them Margaret from Ireland☺

  3. KT KLT says:

    The White Man Going To Clone All Of You

  4. Hi Alison I enjoy all your DNA videos. I am garifuna indigenous people of ST. Vincent and the Grenadines mix with west African aka black caribs. My ancestors went to war with British invaders but sadly we lost the war and our families were scattered throughout the Americas. Some stayed in St Vincent, my family ended up in the bay Islands of Honduras. I can't wait to do my DNA and share with my African diaspora family. Love to see my people from St VIncent keep the great videos coming. Love from Chicago

  5. Golden1 says:

    Your cousin is so pretty, love her skin tone and the way she speaks to.?

  6. Atlas24gh says:

    I notice your family has a lot of Ghanaian. that's very interesting

  7. ej jones says:

    Samra looks like my sister…..omg…..

  8. TubeYou says:

    ooh i want to do the gedmatch ting

  9. RickyboyH says:

    Love watching these videos, can't wait to see your fathers results!
    Btw, your cousin Samara strongly resembles a natural hair YouTuber called DiscoeringNatual. She's also Nigerian.

  10. Alison is my cousin and her cousin is my mom guys

  11. DeepPastry says:

    That's also in line with Cromwell's brutal handling of the Irish and Scottish peoples after the Jacobite rebellions. Hey did you know that white slavery was ongoing in the new world for around a century. It only ended, the white slavery, in the US by the success of the revolutionary war which formed the USA. So many descendants of slaves in the Americas get their Irish genes from that slave trade in Irish Jacobites. Being that you could get an Irish girl for a tenth the cost of an African slave, and a mixed breed slave went for more than both Irish or African slaves… They even changed the laws so the mothers status as a slave would carry over to her children, so the children they forced on the Irish girls would be slaves themselves…

  12. hi I am Ghanaian, your cousin has alot of Ghanaian features (like an ashanti or someone from the Akan tribe of Ghana)

  13. Naamy1989 says:

    Really enjoyed this. Thanks.


  15. Good Afternoon Alison,I looked on GedMatch, and we seem to share a relative in common. I'm African-American, as are both of my parents (deep Southeastern roots), but I do have many DNA matches on Ancestry.com with roots all throughout the Caribbean. My kit number is A863993.

  16. Hey!! your videos are so much fun.. My parents are also Vincentian and Trini! AND my mom's name is also Marcella..LOL!! I almost fell out when I saw her name on your first video. Can you subscribe to my channel to see my genealogy journey as well?!! Still waiting for my results…I would love to share my moment with you!!

  17. where did your cousin get her earrings ?

  18. i added all of yall to my Playlist of Afro-Americans and Caribbeans who are 90%+ AFRICAN

  19. Br0wnSgr says:

    That's so cool! I was a lit 'iffy' at first about the whole DNA thing, but when I took my test, like you, I saw my actual 1st cousin listed on Ancestry DNA . I reached out to 2 more and after some confirming with my great aunt, sure enough I found 2 new 2nd cousins. I am74% african, 25% european ( look at my melanin, lol) and 1 % native. Thanks for sharing!

  20. June Bug says:

    I would love to do this test….however I'm extremely skeptical of how a certain entity could invade your privacy and misuse your dna without your permission. Have you connected with any white ancestors? That would be an interesting video. In regards to your video I enjoyed it. I especially like Samara's personality.

  21. Diego P says:

    I told my parents I want one as a graduation gift because I'm full Mexican(I'm a light brown skin tone)I'll be definitely expecting European, Native American, and a sprinkle of African, on the European side I think I'll have mostly Spanish-Portuguese/Iberian and some French because my dads mom has a French last name, I think I'm going to have more European DNA because my mom's family is super white and my dad's dad's family, but my moms family has naturally puffy curly kinky hair and African noses I think that's were the sprinkle of Africa comes in, and for the Native American side I think it'll be the second largest side besides European I think it will be Aztec and Mayan DNA maybe some Navaho blood because the were the closest to the Aztecs and Mayans. So if I told you my ethnicity it would be Latin European??????, Native American Aztec/Mayan?? and some African

  22. I think 23andme and ancestry are both important to take. I've done both of them.

  23. Ali, I went with 23 and me for just my ancestry only. Will it give me 'long lost cousins' as it were, I okayed to them that I'd want to be notified by 23 to let others know I'm related to them. Love your site. xxoo still waiting for my results..

  24. can't wait for your dad's results! Finally a paternal haplogroup assignment! did he get them yet?

  25. Ito Roots says:

    Great video and great results..

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