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12 thoughts on “Ancient African Turkish Europeans? – GedMatch DNA Results Breakdown and More!

  1. tatary mongols are the only people in the world who have no origins they`re gypsy like people travelling around the world , may be they mixed with anatolians and then moved further , africans have no origins with turkish people , turk= Anatolians not siberian tatars mongoloids. STOP THIS RACE MIXING AND FAKE JEW AGENDA ; TURKEY IS NOT THE NATION OF CUCKED BASTARDS ; DONT DISRESPECT MY HERITAGE YOU PRIMITIVE NEGROID. FUCK ISRAHELL AND THE BRITISH "Adel".

  2. You have a nose like for a luhya

  3. I used ged match and I got majority Yoruba and igbo also Palestinian at 17 percent

  4. Turkish is caucasus mouitain anatolian not africain

  5. Some of those black Turks would have been descendants of Bantus from East Africa who were taken as slaves.

  6. I think I need to use a desktop because I downloaded my raw data but it says it can't open the file. Mind you I did this on my phone

  7. I'm from the Yoruba tribe and recently discovered I'm a Hebrew Israelite. I had a feeling there is more to my ancestry. Now I know it's true.

  8. Did you hit the oracle button to see what tribes were listed in gedmatch? That would be interesting to see.

  9. We are not Africans sister we are Hebrew Israelites we have Hebrew blood inside us we aren't west Africans we are not Africans period because Africans come over here to America they don't get shot in the streets because there aren't God's people there not the same as us Noah born 96 years before the flood he became the dark race not the negroes yes our people in South Africa but we not Africans

  10. thank you Achoti this will help me further on my mission for Dna results YAH bless I enjoy your videos Shalam

  11. J Baron says:

    How can the Egyptian king Ramses be Hebrew he was the one that was persecuting the Hebrew people. He was E1b1a that is a non Hebrew blood line but you can be Igbo and Hebrew but not Ramses line.

  12. Loving the Head wrap BTW…….I love this style on you !!!

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