we are alone and want recognition. help us. please… someone.

this video was not serious and
this video was not spånsored.


10 thoughts on “ARE WE VIKINGS?!! | 23ANDME | RESULTS READY!!!!!

  1. I found put I'm 23% Scandinavian
    But I think it's Norwegian and danish blood in me.

  2. These tests are proving to be a farse. 23 and me got mine completely wrong… like realy wrong. I have a large lump of DNA that doesnt even show up in my parents tests, explain that.

  3. These ancestry or ethnicity dna tests are selling the modern day equivalent of selling a pet rock or snake oil.

    There is nothing in one's dna that links them to where they were born. If there is nothing in your dna that links you to where you were born, then there is nothing in one's ancestors that links them to where they were supposedly from.

    Another logical fallacy of these ancestry or ethnicity dna test, is that mental constructs can not be manifest or replicated in one's dna. Anyone beyond the age of two knows that language, culture, ethnicity, religion or life, has to be learned.

    Another logical fallacy is that an individual is only made up of a few haplogroups, when the biological reproductive process is a geometric progression of the power of two, which meaning that going back only 20 generations, there were 1,048,576 contributors to one's dna. It is ass backwards thinking that one can be physically linked to a group.

    Another logical fallacy is that an haplogroup establishes any link to one's real identity. Because of biological reproductive process, each individual is a uniquely distinct individual where each generation losing access to half of the previous generation's dna, one is only genetically related to 128 other individuals which only goes back 7 generations.

    The biological reproductive process is an evolutionary process, where no one has ever been the same or will ever be the same that can only be linked to one's actual progenitors, not some fictional mental construct.

  4. 10 % slugs apparently zzzzzzzzz

  5. you, girls, have no energy and so sluggish!

  6. ruth lee says:

    Nice video – and I hope your cold is better. ?
    I'm English, but I got 30% Scandinavian. What a surprise!

  7. Ta ha says:

    71% Scandinavian genes is much more than the average Scandinavian today owns. Its only 30% and 50% on Gotland. So you are the highest percentage I have seen.

  8. Yorkie Bar says:

    Nice video ? I'm from the UK and did the Ancestry DNA test and I got 16% Scandinavian! I had no idea about that but I'm happy with it? All the best, Mark

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