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Assyrian/Aramaic Myheritage DNA results

Assyrian/Aramaic Myheritage DNA results

I’m Aramaic/Assyrian and these are my DNA results from Myheritage.com


55.7% Westasian

27.2% Mizrahi Jew

12.2% Sephardic Jew

4.9% Middle-eastern


10 thoughts on “Assyrian/Aramaic Myheritage DNA results

  1. My Heritage is quite inaccurate in my opinion..I tested several companies and the most complete in ancestry to me is 24Genetics https://24genetics.ru/ with more than 400 regions.

  2. Assyrian/Aramaic/Phoenicians/arabs are semitic only semitic jews who still alive now are arabs jews not the fake ass zionist europeans with their africans slaves
    according to this test you are not middle eastern at all

  3. Yezdan says:

    you are aryan, not semitic

  4. not assyrian at all lol mixed indo iranian with tamzight

  5. Assyrian has not got any middle eastern? That's strange. You are more west Asian and Jewish than Assyrian.

  6. gary m says:

    We're almost identical.

    55.5% western asia
    32% Mizrahi Jewish
    10.5% Sephardic Jewish
    2.0% Greek

  7. Shlama/Shlomo to the Aramaeans from an Ethiopian. Basically, Mizrahi and Yemeni Jews were attributed Aramaean/Assyrian DNA. And most Aramaeans converted to Judaism before becoming Christians.

  8. ehsan_iq says:

    and some idiots think that levantine Arabs are "arabized" arameans…
    thank you for uploading your results. 🙂

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