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Bantu / Hebrew DNA Revealed – GEDMatch DNA Results Pt. 2

Bantu / Hebrew DNA Revealed – GEDMatch DNA Results Pt. 2

This is part 2 of my first video discussing my GEDMatch Raw DNA Results in full detail. This video discusses my Bantu DNA matches.

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32 thoughts on “Bantu / Hebrew DNA Revealed – GEDMatch DNA Results Pt. 2

  1. get through your heads , no DNA for Hebrews Abraham was born a gentile, God only made him a Hebrew when he crossed over into promise land

  2. i'm a bantu from congo brazzaville…nice to meet you sister

  3. Thank you sis, I did not know that the Lemba's were Levite's. Thanks for the knowledge…………Like you I've never connected with most black folks and them me……..?❤

  4. Shalom sis! That was wonderful to hear your test results and yes we need to definitely talk.

  5. All praise. It's mind blowing & humbling at the same time. I'm on the same journey. And have been amazed & humbled thru thorough research. HallaluYah!

  6. I am akamba speaker from eastern Kenya Bantu ,all the Bantu speakers in Africa speak almost the same n they are not very dark

  7. lifthra says:

    Black african tribes seem to have missed being colonized by the Bantu colonisation of their lands, the destruction of their languages like of the pygmees. I have observed this claiming people are hebrews/israelites, happening in Irish, Norwegians, French, Germans, Native Americans. I have read how jewish women emigrated to China had babies their with chinese men and moved up into politcs. I now observe an africans are Israelites being groomed into reclaiming the entire world, claiming they ruled everywhere and even threatening to murder all whites. Western historians have claimed our entire history of the past 2000 years is faked. And personnally i now know i have not been taught my real history in school. I never knew Celts lived in the Netherlands. Never knew Germanic tribes was a much later label thought up by those in power to cover many different tribes living in the Netherlands by then. I never knew the Netherlands were mostly swamps and noone lived there until the Friesians landed from elsewhere and lived all over the coastal areas, until wars drove them out. Never knew there was no Germania in Germany, but that that was a very tiny country to the north of France. Never knew that in the battle of 1066 most people in England were replaced by Norsemen from Bretagne, now France, who came from where. Different theories. But always one is pushed forwards and others are suppressed. Thus Norsemen are Vikings and came from Scandinavia. I can find on an ancient Mercator map an island called Frislandt and wonder if that is where Friesians came from. I can notice the similarity between many scandinavian words, english words and dutch words and wonder if once they came from the same place. There is the theory about Hyperborea, which noone has been taught about in school. Or the redhaired white giants in America, in New Zealand, in Khazarian history and Ireland and many other places. the sunken land of Krishna beneath what is now called India. You could be betraying your real ancestors by calling yourselves Israelites. Or those could have been the warring colonizing tyrants black people now accuse white people of having been. Like some last descendant of some tribe in a vid about the history of New Zealand claims, claiming her ancestors were driven out by black warring tribes from Persia. Or somewhere in history one of her ancestors could have infiltrated this story. Thing is we cannot trust history or any story. DNA tests are nonsense as many of our ancestors do not get mentioned in those. Only 20 generations past we each have 1 million ancestors. Most likely we are one race coming in different groups and all intermixed. Is going to be hard to play for God, to determine/discern who qualifies as black as Israelite and who not and then to colonize lands belonging to others or breeding people out, like is promised to white europeans. Meanwhile i am watching a vid how black africans in the USA are not replacing themselves, how black is being bred out of the genepool, just like native americans are bred out to a percentage that according to dubious contracts with white people they loose the right to their lands, their reservations. Meanwhile some of their groups are groomed into hatred of all white people intending to murder them all. Many years ago i read an article in a dutch newspaper about an laboratorium in Israel that was developing viruses specifically targeting black people. Bill Gates has been caught to give young fertile black women in Kenia vaccinations that destroyed their fertility forever. Vaccinations can now be spread through chemtrails/geoengineering, the white bands, later forming clouds and grey skies left by what looks like planes, in my neighbourhood 8 at the same time, making impossible crosses of white bands in the sky, whilst i can hear real planes flying because of the sound/noise, leaving no trail. Watching a vid about the Bantu expansion, the decimation of the Pygmee people, this morning i thought to google whether there was a connection between Bantu and jewish DNA. Guess i found it. Possibly there are still niches of people in Africa that still have oral history. But it takes only killing some in bloodlines and the downloading into future generations of oral history is lost. Was that the reason for genocides in Congo by the Belgium king, or genocides, invasion, theft of culture, denial of history, destruction of ancient architecture etc. etc. I even see the 144.000 in the line of vids on the side here. Promised in Revelations. A much later added biblebook, not present in the ancient aramaic version. Waiting for the rapture, the ascension to heaven and a 1000 year reign from Jerusalem. For me personnally, having watched many vids on how Palestinians are treated by current israeli jews, children put in prison, or ambulances arriving too late for them, so that they die lying shot on the street, even if jewish/Israelite DNA would show up, which is also claimed it should as my ancestors are French Huguenots, slaughtered and driven out by french roman catholics, are said to descend from the tribe of Dan, son of Jacob. But i also have Friesian ancestors and many more. And that covers only a few hundred years of research into genealogy.

  8. I think your Hebrew heritage comes from your white European forfathers. African Americans have some white blood. Jews had mixed with white Christians.

  9. You do know our ancestors in America got raped so if the rapist is white the child takes his lineage , so some blacks in America aren’t Israelites because you are what your father is , it is something you can’t do anything about

  10. M I says:

    I don’t think you’re so different, at least 90% of black Americans are Hebrew Israelites. At least 95% of Brazilian are Hebrew Israelites. There are Hebrew Israelites all over the world. God dispersed the Tribes of Judah and Benjamin. The other ten Tribes are still in Africa. You need to read the Books of the Prophets about our ancestors, especially the book of Jeremiah.

  11. M I says:

    My DNA shows that I’m 96% West African from a Bantu speaking people. I tried to use Gedmatch but was unsuccessful. I used 23andme but they don’t use the same breakdown as Gedmatch. Either way I’m also Hebrew Israelite.

  12. FENC617 says:

    I'm Puerto Rican and have southeastern Bantu DNA

  13. One love Zulu, Bantu, Israelite girl. U r butiful

  14. You are encouraging me to get my DNA TESTED thank you younglady hoping you find a awesome camp like pastor Dowell hope you enjoy the video research…

  15. I can’t wait to do this test ?

  16. There are actually Western Africans who can trace some part of their dna lineage back to the middle east area. I know that some tribes who are today located on the West Coast of Africa, migrated from the Eastern part of Africa, a long time ago some 2'000 years BC. They used to be within the Nile Valley, all the way up to Egypt.

    Beside that, i read that a population named " Natufians " used to dwell and live right in the middle east ; nowadays Israel, lebannon…and here once again, i know that some western africans do possess dna similar to the "Natufians". Some of them, not necessarilly all of them.

  17. Kikuyu are Bantu people,the lost tribe of Levite's.

  18. I am a Zulu speaking Bantu from South Africa

  19. A bit off topic but love your hair 🙂 plus the head tie exquisite,Jil

  20. Real DNA ya needs is Jesus christ
    Christ Jesus is only way heaven . Jn 14 vs 6

  21. @hebrew gyal jo! Firstly, I never comment on videos. I’ve been low key doing independent research because I’ve always had a mindset that there were more to us as a people. Saw your video and it was short enough and to the point with a lot of info. I did the same one you just explained. My results are as follows:
    1 50% AA_Denver_ +50% AA_Denver_ @ 3.450131 (didn’t understand that)
    50% AA_Denver_ +25% AA_Denver_ +25% Lemba_ @ 3.094118 (that made more sense)
    When I do the other oracle they say 50%bantu 50%lemba all the research and digging I’m doing I keep hitting road blocks. I’m e1b1a8 (u175) no matter where I go I can’t dig any deeper. Do you have any other places to turn to? Thanks for the info and all the help I hope you’re still enjoying your journey.

  22. Sr Ho says:

    That sure is a LOOOTT of mixture. How can a DNA test determine ethnic heritage? That's an issue I've had concerns about and could never really understand how cultural markers that tend to be involved in ethnic identities could be isolated in DNA tests… especially when certain ethnic groups originated in close proximity to each other. You mentioned Black Caribbean and American locales as well? Considering those populations would have originated in Africa as well, how could they be mentioned as unique genetic markers when they would have not originated there? Thanks for sharing.

  23. DNA test are fake complete fraud

  24. Bantu was made up the white man!!! Hebrew's are Nubian's (KUSH/SOUDAN) !!!


  26. dumb roots says:

    All Africans are Hebrews.

  27. What a nice video. I knew about this beauty (from film, pictures and reading) before I stumbled onto you- and always felt happy they still existed. You can find this kind of human richness among groups all over the world. I’m glad you found your center. ?

  28. Zephaniah 3:10-20 says very clear that the Hebrew people are "scattered" from beyond the rivers of Cush (modern Sudan), which is Central Africa to Southern Africa, the original Bantu area. Let see, the word for scattered in biblical Hebrew is BAZAR, the same in Bantu dialect Kimbundu, Bazar, came from the verb "Ku baza" to scatter, scattered. Again to say thanks and praise in biblical Hebrew is TONDA, same in Bantu dialect Kimbundu and Kikongo, Tonda, ritonda, tondele, matondo, means thanks and praise. More Child in biblical Hebrew is Bena, Ben, Bana, same in Bantu Lari-kikongo, and Kituba-kikongo, Bena, Bana, Bana means children, Bena mean Child, while others say Muana (Child), and Mona (Child), and Ana, Abana, for children. Again in biblical Hebrew grammatica, the prefix MO means FROM, like the word MOAB, MOABE, or Moabi , or the moabites. that word Moab mean, FROM THE FATHER. It's the same in Bantu. Bantu are the only black people in Africa, and the only people in world to understand that word, because in Bantu we do have the same hebrew grammar. like MOKONGO, mean From Kongo, MOZAMBIQUE, or MOZAMBIKI, mean From Zambi (YAHBI, YAH-ABI, God), or MU A NGOLA mean, from Angola. The Bantu language is the closest language to hebrew than any other language, even to Arab language. Look at this Inglish translation of the Hebrew name, Saul of Tarsus, in modern Hebrew is Shaul Ha-Tarsu, it's the same think in Bantu grammar, in Kimbundu or Kikongo Bantu dialects we would say; Saul a-Tarsu, meaning Saul of Tarsu. Shalom, greetings, goodbye, is SALAMA in Swahili. goodbye in Kimbundu is Shalenu. Conclusion Bantu is the Hebrew people of the Bible according to their language, traditional costumes and prophecies.. be blessed sista welkom you're indeed a hebrew and one of us. Shalenu ya mbote!✊?✊?✊?♦️♦️♦️

  29. so… your not a Hebrew relative or have any DNA of them…?? and you said Bantu, which are the Illiterate stoneAge dunghut dwellers from the Islamic SlaveTrade… so Im not sure where your getting the supposed info.. the Pie chart shows you to be a fairly common Sub Saharan Bantu mix after slavery… with NO Levant or Hebraic Genomes… and the normal range for Islamic slaveTrade that began 900 years before the Americas were even found… males were Castrated as Eunics, and females could be concubines or servants too… and most Negroid Genome data shows this small percentage reflection… or it could even come later after Slavery, if theres a Whitey in the shed… but shouldnt be that low of a percentage unless the participant was Highly Negroid admix… or an ancestor had a spouse with admixture…

  30. The mistake most 'woke' people make is to assume that Africans are the same. Then they proceed to generalise everyone and lump them into one group.
    For example, Africans are hamites …. This always shows me someone's woke level because in Genesis 10, you can see even now where the sons of ham settled, but no they continue to lump everyone in the same bowl, I have no hate for any of Noah's children because the duty is to be a light to them and our people among the nations. Love is seeing a need in the house and meeting it, can we do that?

    Another thing now trending is …Africans hate blacks again with the generalisation….. really!
    Another level of ignorant talk. People seem to forget the Africa as a whole was cut up like a cake and colonised in the Berlin conference, autrocites were carried out on us too. Our books and artefacts destroyed or shipped out.
    For Uganda, we lost all our history, our customs in fact the colonialists called us ' that little orphan Uganda', if you read the missionary journals as they toured the different kingdoms (Because Uganda was the kingdom and country of the ganda, nyoro was the kingdom and country of unyoro, toro was the kingdom and country of watoro, and so on and so forth) but they took all these kingdoms and cut new boundaries and called the vaste land Uganda.
    Our education system is colonial thought and through, our languages were stripped, if you were found speaking vernacular mostly in school, you were punished … still happening today, we were not allowed to even learn Swahili(used for the army) yet our fellow Kenyans and Tanzanians learnt and speak it better than us…. further closing us out of the brotherhood. We were a 'protectorate' but we were destroyed and lost, still are to this day.
    We look at the 'blacks in America , the islands, in western and southern africa as big brothers whom we learn from. If you go to Uganda you will find most of the youths emulating or looking up to the Black people in these places they are a light to us.

    When we learn history of the bantu, hamite, nilo-hamite and nilotic immigration into Africa, we are simply shown arrows beginning from the north of Uganda and the northwest of Uganda entering into Uganda…. so we do not even know where originally we came through from. Then they tell us that some of us settled around the lakes and mountains as the other groups moved further south, I think the Ugandans were the 1st batch of weak ones who couldn't not continue the journey South… hence fulfilling the type of people we are today, if you know a Ugandan, you will understand. But that's just my theory. My mother once told me we are Nigerians…. blew my mind because I could not understand how that math worked out…. things like that make you think. I have now also embarked on an origin finding mission to see what was.

    I know apartheid was horrible but the one thing it gave our Southern African brothers was that they stayed connected to their traditions, culture and languages.
    Even though the oppressers divided each tribe against the other, the still maintained their identity till today although our hate for each other also remains as well even though we are simply different houses of the same tribe. Integration is always death of tradition.

    In all things, I can only speak for Uganda, there are people now going back and looking to see what happened so this generalisation of Africans this and Africans that …. please use discernment, understanding and wisdom.
    Sorry sis @Hebrew Gyal Jo! For going on a soap box on your channel but, my soul is tired and we have only just began…. see that us Ugandans, we hate to fight. Shalum

  31. BreYah 1 says:

    How could put all blacks in America in a box. Not all blacks are close minded or listen to rap music.

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