Home DNA AncestorBill Maher Says What Democrats All Think: They Want an Economic Collapse
Bill Maher Says What Democrats All Think: They Want an Economic Collapse

Bill Maher Says What Democrats All Think: They Want an Economic Collapse

I mentioned this was their sentiment a day prior to his comments which is pretty funny: https://web.archive.org/web/20180609131349/https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/bill-maher-is-hoping-for-an-economic-collapse-so-he-can-get-rid-of-trump-sorry-if-that-hurts-people

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42 thoughts on “Bill Maher Says What Democrats All Think: They Want an Economic Collapse

  1. I hate, dislike, loathe, despise, abhor maher…… When he had the audacity to call our US solidiers, "cowards" should have been the end of his so-called career!

  2. Nat soc Vs Commies is going to be the be of this political schism within 20 years lol.

  3. Bob A says:

    My theory on the economy was that "the powers that be" want a republican to take the hit for the collapse that should have been here already. The only things that have stave it off were "quantitative easing", low interest rates, and the continued use of the petro dollar.
    The interest rates are being raised as we speak. I can see a collapse happening because it NEVER occurred when it should have. You cannot spend your way out of a depression, let alone a recession. Time is coming to pay the piper. They want the dollar to collapse to have a reset and the FULL implementation of electronic currency, universal IS, etc.

  4. Patrick C says:

    Of course Obama is intelligent but he uses his intelligence for nefarious purposes.

  5. Your endings get me every time!

  6. Fuck the beets man, sorry to here that.

  7. You are spreading misinformation. All Democrats wanting economic failure is fallacious , and Bill Maher is not a "top" democratic figure . He has a comedy show driven by politics. Simple as that . Saying that the economy has only started this growth in the past year is incorrect. You are being a hypocrite by talking about people pushing propaganda , and then grouping literally every person on the left as wanting our economy to fail. Most of what you are saying is full of all kinds of fallicy. I appreciate the time you took to make a video , but it doesn't help Americans to spread more misinformation.

  8. khatack says:

    Fuck the Democrats.

  9. JAY OH says:

    these rats only believe in power for themselves they see everyone else as beneath them they are the embodiment of entitlement wanting everything for doing nothing .They are the ones who run paradise island and try and corral the young minded and naive fools into the trap that they themselves are stuck in. theyve been good at hiding their true feelings of how they feel about everyday people trump being in office (he was one of theirs at one point ) is making them lose their minds because they know he will expose them for what they really are and every day they act like this they just make his case for him

  10. The Dems want what's bad for the US? So what else is new?

  11. somebody punch bill in his fucking mouth for that

  12. Open borders and poor economy = Cloward-Piven strategy; a stepping stone to collapsing Capitalism. Keeping the Left-Right paradigm alive = Communist rules for revolution. The 2 parties want the same thing: the collapse of America. The Patriot Act and NDAA still in place is proof.

  13. The Killa says:

    Almost forgot……bill maher defends pedophilia……..think about that.

  14. The Killa says:

    Hey styxhexen check out your hero on "youve been trumped" also see the vid "whos financing donald trump?" by johnny gat. Better hurry before youtube banns it.

  15. ajps12 says:

    Hey Styx, I have a quick question for you if you're a satanist why would you be a conservative when they're the ones pushing evangelical values the most.? thanks

  16. So, to get rid of a guy who is supposedly ruining people's lives by no discernible measure, they want to actually ruin people's lives. That's the liberal elite for you. They can survive a recession, no problem. But because they have some warped notion that Trump is causing black kids to see racism in their breakfast cereal, they want the whole thing to fail.

  17. It reminds me of Brad Pitt's quote in the Big Short – for every 1% rise in unemployment 40K people die in the US. So ultimately Bill Maher is hoping for a rise in deaths of his fellow Americans.

  18. Maher is just another CIA Mockingbird… yawn.

  19. Kaizen says:

    Liberals are like rats, they pee and ruin what they can't have.

  20. Ha ha Master troll Cheeto is At it again, if the elites and deeps crash the system he’ll just nationalize the fed or put us back on a gold standard….. MAGA

  21. mk ultra says:

    So I asked one of my "friends" how he liked explaining the language used by the libtards in the media the past few weeks to his 7 year old daughter, hes so stupid he said,  F trump and his stupid daughter…TARDS…you gotta love em.

  22. Meanwhile, you will be begging them to hire you to pick their peanuts…

  23. ukkr says:

    I seriously don't think that Nancy Pelosi is smart at all. She seems about as bright as a below average 3yo. And her memory is worse.

    If there is a huge upset, it will affect……

    1. The poorest with no skills go first. THEY will feel the effects within about a day to a week.
    2. The next poorest will be affected. THEY may feel it within about a a few days to two weeks.
    3. The POOR middle class will be the next affected. THEY may feel it in a few weeks to a couple months.
    4. The SKILLED middle class will be the next. THEY may feel it in about a month to a couple years.
    5. The FAKE RETIREES may then feel it in about a month to a couple months.
    6. The RETIREES will feel it.
    7. Then the lower level rich…..

    By the time it gets to the filthy rich? Well, the government periodically does a MASSIVE blatent THEFT to counteract THEM! FDR, then president of the US, once did this! There was an item that, at the time, had virtually NO tangible value. I believe at the time there was NO medical use for it, and there was certainly NO real technical use. It's value was likely AESTHETIC and historical.

    HOW can you cause the mass ownership of that HOARDING? AND, if that is hoarding, then the US was one of the biggest hoarders on the planet. At least prior to the time that they gave it away to the "BANKERS"!!!! Anyway, HERE are some details:


    So for FORTY ONE YEARS ownership of gold was ILLEGAL in the US! This meant that the dollar lost ANY tangible value, and people had money and other things RIPPED from their pockets, etc… Obviously, the most direct effect of that was on those that could save or inherit any money.

    FDR did that basically to STEAL himself out of a depression.

    It is interesting. I think a LOT of this garbage started with the DEMOCRAT president, WOODROW WILSON, that put in the MONSTROSITY called the IRS. That set into motion garbage that hurt the world and almost certainly created TWO world wars! And a depression happened 16 years later that FDR used as a reason to STEAL VALUE from those that could save.

    And AS I SAID, it was largely just to HURT THEM and didn't give anyone any real value.

  24. TheDexxJ says:

    Bill Mahr is ‘praying’ for a recession? Um who is he praying to?

  25. I hope that soon I can watch you grow some great sticky bud 🙂

  26. Why the fuck dont you button your shirt?

  27. Trump 2020 thank the Gods.

  28. Nothing new. Remember Dick Gephardt in the summer of 2002?

  29. Hanzo says:

    Every time these worthless wealthy hollyweird celebrities comes out and says really bat shit crazy shit like this another republican gains a seat.

  30. Johm says:

    that's a great shirt

  31. That's what I say man, fuck the beets.

  32. Ideally for them they can keep antagonizing him about this Russia bullshit, prod him into attacking and starting WW3.

    All so they can say "We told you so!"

    Fucking animals.

  33. beatleme2 says:

    yeah fk the beets ..tomatoes are good with anything..like a republican

  34. CM says:

    Admittedly, I recall a number of Republicans talking like this when Obama was in, some influential. It's disgusting, no matter who says it toward whom if we're talking about the welfare of the people. I think it's better (or at least polite–sentiment doesn't do a lot) to hope your leaders to do well, no matter what side their own, no matter what side the people are on. I hope those I disagree with politically are prosperous because I think that it will help others to be prosperous, too.

  35. rocketcab says:

    …. last thirty seconds of this rant had me rollin' ! ! !

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