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Hey yall. Here are the results of my ancestry dna test. I’m so happy, yet surprised, with my results. As African Americans, a lot of us don’t know our ancestry, so it was kind of important to me to do this test. A cousin of mine wrote a book on my ancestors, the plantation they lived on, how they got to America and then the plantation, etc. This is the same plantation my great grandparents were born on before slavery was abolished. As you can tell, I was a bit nervous to see my own results as I’ve read the book. I am ALOT lighter than everyone in my family. My grandmother on my mothers side was light skinned like myself. Everyone else in my family is a lot darker than me (notice my moms picture in the background). Now, I just have to travel to all of these places lol. Thanks for watching!

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  1. I had a high Cameroon/Congo as well…My sister is lighter than you, and she is 87% African. You honestly aren't that light to me, you look pretty black.

  2. Nique D says:

    Cool DNA results…it’s cool to know when you came from

  3. Ibylvlogs says:

    Hey Kei! Cool that you got your results back. Did you share this info with the family member that wrote the book about your family origin?

    What did you think would be your percentage in place of 86%?

  4. kwame ackh says:

    Good video by the way but some of these people that comment on your video they have no knowledge of themselves or they don't ever try to gain knowledge on reading like they don't dig into their there's coming go to the sources and trying to figure out who they are but anyway good video says some of these folks I'm telling you

  5. kwame ackh says:

    The original man and woman are dark-skinned people the reason why black people got light because of rape of Europeans in slave mean there is no way around it we were all dark skin before European DNA hit us

  6. Are you for really. Who's been filling your head with HOW light you are/not!!!!!!!!. I dnt usually comment with negativity but why are you so fixated on colour…. Please watch other videos where people are really light skinned ( your words).

  7. DaMonte' says:

    Color has nothing to do with ethnicity. Their are lightskinned people that are 100% African. Tanzania has a large population of people that are albino.

  8. Not every African is one colour. You look pretty black to me. I've met many Nigerians that look you colour or even lighter. Africa is very diverse

  9. I would not have guessed that you thought your looks suggested tired or not put together as your skin is flawless and you don't have much in terms wrinkles around the eyes.

  10. You definitely “look black” ??

  11. wattdj says:

    Congratulations on your results!?

  12. If your grandmother can pass as a white lady with red hair, she wasn't a redbone.

  13. John Dough says:

    not all africans are bernie mack black. there are plenty of lighter africans even if some of your color came from european ancestors.
    there is a youtube video from a nigerian american girl named ormuka,and after nigeria her highest percentage,was cameroon congo and she is light skinned she came back 100% african on ancestrydna so did her mother who is also light. i even saw a video from,a congolese girl and to me she was not that dark or light. but she wasn't too far from your complexion. africa is extremely diverse extremely

  14. The two main areas were slaves were taken to the United States are Angola-Congo region and Senegambia region

  15. I am a Genealogist and people from Sierra Leone are a mix of all Africans. So your DNA is showing your Sierra Leone connections. Also Africans come in an array of colors and there are light skin Africans and Brown skin Africans who came straight from Africa.

  16. I'm 89% and my sister is 87% look at my videos. I'm lighter than you and my sister. % doesn't determine skin shades. There are many different shades in affinity as well. It's so cool. We are the rainbow!

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