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BLAST X – My Heritage

BLAST X – My Heritage

Album: Promo [ep]
Year: 2009
Genre: Modern Metalcore/ Industrial Metal
Country: Ukraine


35 thoughts on “BLAST X – My Heritage

  1. Eu descobri essa banda por acaso e tô curtindo muito haha

  2. Nice Intro …. I make Metal Stylishhhhh-ah … 😀

  3. Agent Ice says:

    Band pays better than the lyrics or vocals.

  4. are they still together?

  5. h4unt3dfx says:

    Um, well one of the band members actually emailed it to me a while back so I think it is out there floating around the internet for free.

  6. Careo03 says:

    Where I can buy a CD???

  7. Type Splatterhouse – survivor… I didnt make the video.

  8. Alex Pasko says:

    It's not an Ungrace.. just musician's from Ungrace and Hell:on.. Blast X – some kind of our side project..i think next year we finally release a full length album. Thank you for your comments people. keep metal!

  9. I believe the bands name is now Ungrace but i can be wrong, i found them on Facebook o:

  10. izovire says:

    <3 Industrial metal

  11. TheFace says:

    It's funny how people get so worked up over a youtube comment.. Great song though..

  12. @nightnoia Ok so that is your big argument? Calling me a kiddo? Gee, you seem very mature yourself ^^

  13. @nightnoia Who the fuck cares in the end? If you like or not it's what matters.

  14. @PurpleSixAndNine I don't really agree with that! Did you listen more than the first minute and fifteen seconds of the song?

  15. Perfect song for a Splatterhouse Music Video…… Its Rick ripping the monsters to shreads.

  16. Unicron says:

    do these guys have a full album ?

  17. @PurpleSixAndNine Same thought dude, check out there other song Run … totally industrial parts in it ;D
    but nevermind like both so hailz m/ !!! xD

  18. @PurpleSixAndNine what else ?

  19. The singer sounds like the guy from Sonic Syndicate.

  20. Linkuto says:

    holy fuck,this sounds really fucking awesome.

  21. Kulja says:

    Da ukrainci molodci….Klasno mocjat

  22. h4unt3dfx says:

    @sheesh1991 They haven't even logged into their MySpace page for almost a year so… who knows. it's /blastxband on myspace if you want to find their page an listen to what they have uploaded

  23. dre2you says:

    That's Sid's baby from Toy Story

  24. @LUISKREN Muy bien, ya entendimos que no te gusta esto. Correcto, ve a escuchar a Camila, Panda, o tu vomitivo duranguense o pop, pero entonces dejanos a los grandes escuchar esto, andale, chavo ve a jugar con tu grupitos mientras nosotros jugamos con el fuego. Ay, mi vida!!! eres ignorante y tan cerrado a lo bueno. Ah, te doy un consejo! Antes de criticar el metal intenta interpretarlo y si puedes hacerlo como los virtuosos y es facil para ti, entonces puedes opinar, pero mientras eres nada.

  25. Hope these guys make it over to the US…providing the music industry here unfucks itself. |-(

  26. spartanx97 says:

    0:00 – 4:07 is the best part 🙂

  27. 0:00 – 0:18 very nice 😀

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