Home DNA AncestorBRITTANY’S 23 AND ME DNA RESULTS! (She’s Part West African???)
BRITTANY’S 23 AND ME DNA RESULTS! (She’s Part West African???)

BRITTANY’S 23 AND ME DNA RESULTS! (She’s Part West African???)

Find out your DNA results using Brittany’s reference link!

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39 thoughts on “BRITTANY’S 23 AND ME DNA RESULTS! (She’s Part West African???)

  1. 4:53 I thought my phone went off. Picked it up and was like… huh? LOL… that's my notification noise…. I found an Item in Pokemon! XD

  2. Ta ha says:

    Which region of Italy did your grandparents come from?

  3. SMFH why do people say I look super white i am glad my mom never said what I am oh wait she said I am american.

  4. Your final destination xD

  5. … Oops, didn't follow that very well. The blanket eventually warmed up.

  6. Hi, Mike and Brit, and Jalen, and Nick,

    Love the funny stuff about the blanket blessed by Nora. :0 Sorry, Nick. At least it was warm.

  7. i just found out my GGma was on the trail of tears..she was only half cherokee..BUT her mother my GGGma was full and when they gave cherokee some land in the late 1700s my ancestors were on the registry! also I found out that Lord Culpepper gave my family ancestors some land to farm for the Kings food..lol.. BUT I do think if i did my DNA it would show african as well..my family came from the appalachian mountains..the melungeons..

  8. What's interesting is that looking at the chromosomes it appears that african is on both sides of your family!

  9. Most of these tests base their genetic results based off where people live now in a modern era, not necessarily where they lived hundreds of years ago. There is some discrepancy

  10. QueenBeech says:

    i really like that hair color. it's interesting! pretty!

  11. DoctorDuto says:

    So Britt is part Brit

  12. Brittany, that you have Sub-Saharan African in you is no biggie. We all stem from Africa. That's the reason it's so stupid when Racists claim a "Aryan" background. Or they say they're 100% White. We're not all 100% White. We all come from two places. The first is Africa, the other is the Cradle of Civilization in India. Imagine that! But that is interesting and doesn't surprise me one bit. This whole nonsense over the "right" type of immigrants is just baseless. Even Norwegians have Sub-Saharan African in them. It's just over time latitude and melanin has made the difference in how we look.

  13. you wont be able to test your Dad's side as you don't carry paternal markers πŸ™‚ you can only test maternal side but if you have brothers and they can take the test it will show your dad's side as men cary both maternal and parental markers πŸ™‚

  14. Angel Lee says:

    Identity crisis lol, DNA don't lie.
    1.1% Southern European must be your Italian, ps: you're pretty πŸ™‚

  15. Your hair looks cute Brittany! My favorite color!!

  16. Britt you get 50% of your genes from both parents. They in turn get 50% from their parents. The percentage is always 50% but that 50% is random. So it all depended on what came down from your grandparents. Just because you show no Italian genes does not mean this is not true. The West African not sure about. The Italians were in Ethiopia in the 1940s but don't think they were in W. Africa. You will have to do some research to get that info. Just be ready for what you might find it's 9 generations back. So abt 20 years each generation give or take.

  17. rorybz says:

    They started just putting part-African results in there to promote diversity. It's far below the margin of error for the percentages. Maybe, just maybe, since you KNOW your ancestry, and the test got it wrong, it's actually mostly bogus. Which means Angelina Jolie might well have imperiled her career for nothing.

  18. Shao Pinko says:

    So black she sweats almond milk!

  19. 23 and me is NOT as good as ancestry.com dna…try that one.

  20. Makes sense….since we ALL are derived from AFRICA….


  22. What would be interesting is if you sent in a second test, using a different name and address,….and see if they sent you the same results.

  23. Nicole says:

    Be careful driving in the snow and using the camera! that scares me so bad. Do you have to use chains? I am so not a snow driver or really a snow person…so why do I live in Lake Tahoe? I wonder how accurate those DNA tests really are… you can also use ancesty.com to find out more. I've never tried it but I've heard its cool too.

  24. Hi, I saw your video earlier, and been thinking about Brittany’s dna results all day. Probably the reason it shows 3% sub Saharan Africa, is that all human life started in the Sahara. So it would make sense that at one point millions of years ago you did have an ancestor from Africa πŸ™‚ as we all do πŸ™‚

  25. Jayln why you so stiff on camera? I guess you need some 'Lube' so relax lol

  26. This video made me laugh so hard I cried thank you

  27. Brit's new hair is majestic ???

  28. Yay, Nick is back! Lost a few lbs. Looking healthy and happier. Welcome Jalen. Good luck to you guys to making 2018 a success.

  29. Europian can be italian

  30. Oh my god, the results are crazy! I wonder how mine would be haha
    I don't know much about my ancestors but I do know that one of them was a very famous general in the hungarian history =)

  31. German??? Brittany my sister hahaha ???

  32. Britt I'm very white skinned but I'm VERY native American. So is my husband, he's darker than me but then our son has my light complexion. Lol.

  33. My family and I did the Ancestry.ca DNA tests (my parents, my brother and me) It's so interesting to see the slight differences between us. I have the most Irish/Scottish, but my brother has a very high Iberian peninsula compared to my 2%. πŸ™‚

  34. KarenLC says:

    Many people from the Western Saharan/Morroco regions still migrate to southern Spain and other Mediterranean countries so it's not out of the bounds of possibility that a great great great grand parent moved through this region to then settle in Italy.

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