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“Burn the Heretic!”

“Burn the Heretic!”

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31 thoughts on ““Burn the Heretic!”

  1. And no, these myths are not about "pregnancy" or "giving birth" or Something like that. They are about remembering past experience, about becoming yourself again and about regaining your spiritual strength from previous lives etc. etc. etc. And you do that by being re-born, and by symbolically being re-born.

  2. Unknown says:

    Varg's kids might currently be too young to be paying attention to what Varg is saying, but they will have tons of these videos to watch when they're older. It's kinda cool.

  3. traduce al español Varg por favor. Gracias. Vikingø Celtå

  4. Scholars don't understand myths of European, Asians, Native Americans meant something they could understand and relate to real life. Christianity, judaism and islam were created as a political weapon to dominate people, let's not forget many of the bible characters were kings and Mohammed was an agressive military imperialist that used, forced and spread the belief in Allah in the middle east with the purpose of ruling people and all of those who opposed were exterminated.

  5. Actually, the Barí creation myth says that we are connected to earth from a "pineapple" and that we are born from earth after a god wich name i can't recall cuts the pineapple in half. It would make sense if it is the placenta. Sadly there are no Barí left, real barí without christian influence.

  6. Burn The Heretic
    Kill The Mutant
    Purge The Unclean
    Suffer not the Alien to live
    Abhor the witch
    There is only the emperor

  7. What are your thoughts about extra terrestrial life and the origins of the universe? Would be interesting to know 🙂

  8. Papa Razzi says:

    When I see the current global populations grow out of control with comparison to past populations, I wonder were do all the new souls come from? Regardless, I have noticed every century, only a few level 88's spirits , with regards to your other video, show up again.

  9. what you say is true. so true that its not true again… i just shed a small tear its so beautiful.. we live inside the earth (,dude!) and it litterally is an egg, or the womb, mother earth, of the whole universe, were still all inside and these creationmyths might mot only apply in our small.. but maybe in the big world.

  10. OJ says:

    The first poems of our peoples epic, Kalevala, describes the exact same thing you are talking about.

    It is fantastic to see how we all as europeans tie together.

  11. Careful when you say all tribal creation beliefs are the same man, in native australia I met dudes saying they kill out bush over tribal sites, they don't have the same beliefs I wouldn't even know to say they are generalizable in the same way, I don't know if what you say here about that shit is correct, man you confuse me with that stuff. Best wishes to you and the kids love how they do the shields and wooden swords. best luck

  12. The way you explain paganism is the only way that makes sense to me. Others (try to) explain it in a way that sounds so confusing because most of what they say doesn't make sense and doesn't add up.

  13. Varg there actually is a pagan religion that explains the formation of matter. It has the creation of the person, the creation of matter, and the creation of the universe.

  14. Varg there actually was a great flood about 11980 years ago and 10600 years ago. I would write more but most of my comments get censored by youtube.

  15. That is so dumb… can you actually get reborn when it is a myth-fairytail you base that on. Does anything work when its a myth7imaginary/faairytail ?
    he says "creationists" as to put thm in a booth simular to himslf so he can invent up imaginary stories because he put Truth in a imaginary booth.
    Don`t you know that some of these "stories" are actually Right and true.
    Ragnar Yahuwah… we hear that alot; "in islam", "in thuleism" but that is IN FAIRYTAIL-LAND.

  16. Soren ! says:

    So glad I found this channel.  Hail Odinn!


  18. but dont you support the christian invaders to Europe? you made a video supporting them against native Europeans, so at this point i have no idea what you are even talking about.

  19. For me, myths are tools to understand many aspects of life, and I don't think they have a fixed meaning, just the one you want to give them.
    For you WodanaR is the representation of the reincarnated and self-discovering "you", for me, he's the impersonation of the human mind and all that it englobes, and for most of us he should be seen as a role model and a spirit which is at the same time a hero, a wizard, an old mad vagabond, a liar, a god, your ancestor and yourself.
    The state of rage and partial blackout you enter when fighting is associated with WodanaR posessing you, and the same happens when you're writing a text or a poem, when you're producing a work of art and a sudden wave of inspiration comes to you without having to think and actually work. That is WodanaR personally giving you a sip of his mead of poetry. When you have to spend time thinking and planning to write something, it often comes as unnatural and low-quality, because it came from reason (the old, expired and insufficient drops of mead that fell from Woden's beak when he stole it and shapeshifted into an eagle to transport it to Asgard) instead of inspiration.
    What does this myth tells us? It doesn't mean that all inspiration comes from a divine source, it's just a warning for kids that would be future poets and artists: don't force things, just let the inspiration come.
    That's how I see it, Varg, and as you're a writer and a musician this interpretation of the myth would also be useful to you. Not saying it's the only correct one, but it's the one which is true for me.

  20. "Burn the heretic. Kill the mutant. Purge the unclean" Imperium fanatic Inquisition Slogan from Warhammer 40k

  21. You sound of truth, not at all from a place of condescension. That which you speak is truth. The greatness of truth is that truth is indestructable. You cannot smash truth with a wrecking ball. Truth can be ignored. Truth cannot be changed or dissapear because we do not want to believe the truth.
    Truth cannot be damaged by hammers, guns, or cataclysmic events. Truth is an incredible part of humanity, truth stands out amongst our senses because, truth is known when we hear or see truth.

  22. I move placenta on about a weekly basis to be incinerated am i in the Myths Varg? The sacrificial transporter of the world tree to the flames

  23. goshish666 says:

    myths are good for studying, but… as history and philosophy, not as another religious sect dogmas, it's falling into another cave. I personaly believe in science much more (though not in honesty of pre-paid research programms). If you want to find something out, go study, do researches for yourself, don't waste your life on nothing, imho.

  24. Christianity is dying in every white country. Some places slower than others. At one time. The earliest times. All humans were the same pagan. They have changed over the years into different sects of the same thing.


  26. Varg, despite you say that Muslims didn't understand a thing , compared to Christians there is a verse in Quran that says when a Pagan asks for protection Muslims should it offer to him/her. That's why Islam is not completely the same as Christianity while Christianity is completely ruthless to Pagans.

  27. Varg, you must have stumbled on the evidence and claims of developed slave trade and plantation economy in scandinavia during the viking age. I haven't found a video where you mention these. Doesn't that sound pretty civilisation-ish for a pagan people?

  28. Nature is fascinating in all aspects, great video 🙂

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