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Can MyHeritage DNA Test Predict Hair Loss? Let’s Find Out…

Can MyHeritage DNA Test Predict Hair Loss? Let’s Find Out…

A month from now I will officially know my heritage.


4 thoughts on “Can MyHeritage DNA Test Predict Hair Loss? Let’s Find Out…

  1. I am gonna bet, you will be surprised. I was, and I also do not think it is a gimmick. How do I know, well first, my dna test connected me with a 2nd cousin that my mom grew up with in Virgina, (I grew up in Columbus , Ohio moved to Cleveland, Ohio 13 years ago)and I had no idea who this person was till they contacted me about our dna connection. Second I am now unraveling my secret Greek/Itailian ancestry no one talked about. For me it is very interesting, I have met haters who are scared to find out the truth, like this white dude I met who looked like the middle aged pawn star guy, and he swore up and down he was Native American, and his grandmother was a (get this) a Jamaican princess. Can't wait for your results!!

  2. Mexican isn't a race, it's an admixture of Native American and Southern European, plenty of Hispanics also have some African genes from slaves being brought in to Latin America, the amount of African genes will vary from different regions, for example Mexicans carry more Native American DNA with a small percentage of African DNA, where as a Puerto Rican carries more African DNA and little Native American DNA, so there's a possibility you may have a tiny percentage of African. Maybe trace amounts like 1-2%.

    This DNA test for balding though I don't buy it, my 40 yr old brother full head of hair, 60 yr old dad full head of hair and me younger than both by decades and I'm starting to see my hairline recede. It's just Russian roulette in terms of genes.

  3. Ns Mjkl says:

    NICK ARE YOU A VEGAN, what is veganism? I am curious to know , I come from a Buddhist monk family and I am Vegetarian since my birth, so can you point out differences Veganism and Vegetarianism, I want to know the differences, but my wife is no Vegetarian, rich people can't be meat free, but I want my only son to be a vegan but what are the rules of being Vegan. My son is 4 years of age?

  4. Ns Mjkl says:

    I think this would help, did your dad had hair problems or not ? nick you can easily go for treatments or transplants and concealers after 20 years if you do lose your hair? My dad is 80 years of age he has hair norwood 4. But I suffer hair loss at age 26 when I went to Russia with my younger brother to admit him to a graduation course, climate and weather have significant affect on hair, I am from tropical climate , Russia is polar climate.

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