Home DNA AncestorCan you guess my ancestry? Ancestry DNA/ Ged match results!!
Can you guess my ancestry? Ancestry DNA/ Ged match results!!

Can you guess my ancestry? Ancestry DNA/ Ged match results!!

Today, I am discussing my AncestryDna results. I’ve always wanted to know more about my heritage and I’m so happy that I decided to take the dna test.


9 thoughts on “Can you guess my ancestry? Ancestry DNA/ Ged match results!!

  1. John Smith says:

    I guessed half white half Latina

  2. Sal Valino says:

    I got you beat with the Native. I scored 30%. Also got you beat with the Iberian, I scored 49%. You got me beat with more Ireland and Great Britain. Very similar results. We even got the same Low confidence regions šŸ™‚

  3. I can se African you

  4. Like for the kid video videobombing ?

  5. aimee O says:

    Iā€™d guess Ireland and Iberian

  6. Whatever you are you look very beautiful!

  7. If your mom is "hispanic" (I guess you mean Latin America, the English term Hispanic never made much sense to me, Seneca, Lucan, Martial, Hadrian, those are the actual Hispanics to me), that must mean that all, or at least most, of your Native American come from her side of the family. That means that 40% Iberian + 18% Native American, equals 58% of "Hispanic" ancestry. Given all you other results, I would say that probably from 5 to 10% of your Spanish ancestry is coming from your dad. Spanish ancestry in small numbers (usually <4) are common in people from the British Isles, and Iberian is actually the most common ancestry of French people, followed closely by Italian and Western European. Also, mind that all Spanairds have around 17% of Italian ancestry, which means that part of your "South European" ancestry is actually from your Spanish ancestors. That adds to that 58% of "typical Spanish" ancestry (let me say that Western European, British and Ireland are also very common, so small traces of those ancestries could very well be from your mother side as well). In conclusion, it is impossible that all your Spanish comes from your mom, a small percentage of it is obviously comming from somewhere else, and small percentages of your other European ancestries may be from your mother side. I know it's a bit weird and complicated, but that's how genetics work XD

  8. MaMa 2020x says:

    Nice! Where in Latin America is your family from?

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