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Comparing WeGene, GEDMatch, DNA Land, and Ancestry DNA Results

Comparing WeGene, GEDMatch, DNA Land, and Ancestry DNA Results

In this very informative video, I do a side-by-side comparison of the ancestry results from Ancestry DNA, Wegene, DNA Land, and GED match databases that are both paid and free to the public.


42 thoughts on “Comparing WeGene, GEDMatch, DNA Land, and Ancestry DNA Results

  1. 1.3% Persian, Interesting!!

  2. ronaldonmg says:

    You have 47 bundles of DNA, 47 traceable bloodlines. I would distrust any company that pretends your genes/ancestry comes in "percentages"

  3. Jim Chan says:

    does wegene ship to us? I'm having trouble ordering it. I tried google translate on chrome.

  4. ooo you a very pretty and your skin is flawless.

  5. I enjoyed your presentation.

  6. CoreyNitro says:

    You can upload it to CodeGen it's all health reports

  7. What does the gray ring come from? I have those around my pupils

  8. Ummmm Native Americans are of Asian descent. So technically you are still part Asian. It's like being Black in America, would still be of African descent. So yes still partly Asian to be technical. They all say different things so one is not more right than the other

  9. Ur saying Yoruba wrong, its said your o ba

  10. How long did it take to receive your test results from wegene, dnaland, and gedmatch?

  11. MidaX says:

    I wouldn’t count North African or Northeast African because that is considered White or Arab. I only would consider the Sub-Saharan African

  12. elena79rus says:

    If you're a quarter white doesn't it mean that your granmother or grandfather was 100% white?

  13. That makes sense! Your native American heritage showed up. You should be proud!

  14. Ai A says:

    You look a bit like South Sudanese. Beautiful.

  15. Honey C says:

    The European part is so confusing. At each website they tell something else..

  16. Randy says:

    Native Americans Share ties to East Asia. sometimes it's just how the company read at DNA

  17. PlayaJay32 says:

    Ancestry DNA test was accurate when saying you had Asian DNA being that the Native Americans have Asian DNA. Keep in mind that there were nothing but black people here long before slavery and long before the Red man or Native Americans with Asian phenotypes. Mongoloid people mixed with the native black people who are of African decent creating the red people. Pick up the book the first Americans were Africans by David Imhotep. They have documented evidence that Africans we're here long before any other group of people. This was stated by European scholars. Great video. Just got my DNA results back today. Can't wait to see what I am.

  18. Thanks for the info. Also you are so gorgeous

  19. There is something else you can do with your raw data. You can upload it to Promethease.com, and get a report that will tell you health related info based on your DNA data. If you upload your file before January 1, it is free. After January 1, it costs $5 to upload your raw data and get the report.

  20. I'm from the Yoruba tribe and waiting for my results from 23andme. If you do some research you will discover many West African tribes if not all are Hebrew Israelites (Descendants of Jacob). Look into it when you get a chance.

  21. Yayyy I'm from Cameroon. Just came on your channel after seeing you post on the fb group.

  22. How do you plug your Ancestry results into the other DNA tests?

  23. You're a beautiful soul inside and out!  Thanks for the vid.

  24. fi stla says:

    Everybody who uses DNA land gets Native american lol.

  25. When you think about Pangea… native Americans actually migrated to What is now America from Asia

  26. These raw results, what do they look like? A bunch of AT
    In different orders? Or folders, or what? Im curious if they actually sequence the whole genome for you

  27. Yoruba is one of the largest tribes in Nigerian so you are NIgerian.

  28. also it gave 35% Hungarian but that percentage is Irish on my ancestry. (I don't have Hungarian ancestry) wegene doesn't even list Irish or Scottish. my 37% west euro on ancestry was 61.11% French on wegene (woohoo) and my Scandinavian and British wasn't there with just over 4% English on wegene instead.

  29. ancestry said I had 2% WEST ASIA and wegene said its nearly 1% American Indian AND A TINY BIT Bengali and Chinese and I had no American Indian on ancestry so I've heard this can be the case. my grand daddy was American so I guess that's where it came from?

  30. Score you hit the good genes jackpot love it thanks for sharing

  31. Marc E says:

    have you tried myheritage? Try genesforgood. My cousin works there and you get a free ancestry approximation. You can also downloand your raw data. The wolverines needs your help

  32. Wow you have somali, that's very rare to see in African American ancestry. Maybe a Somali migrated to a Islamic kingdom in west Africa who knows.

  33. Cy Merritt says:

    Stick to this content. Show your journey learning about the tribe your ancestors come from. There are a lot of African YouTuber's on who you can contact.

  34. I really appreciate you doing these comparisons! Thanks!

  35. Good review. I have flecks too!!! I want more of a breakdown so I will try the sites you mentioned.

  36. I am originally from Ghana in west Africa and I must admit that I am super surprised by your results. You look like someone who was born in west or central Africa, with no European ancestry. Yet your background is very mixed.

    You are very beautiful and I wonder what are your experiences being a continental African looking African American? If that makes any sense.

  37. Wait so if you do ancestry you can do these ones for free am I correct? Please answer and please compare these to 23andme thanks

  38. You might get a lot out of this blog if you haven't already run across it: https://tracingafricanroots.wordpress.com/

  39. A CATAL says:

    Have you tried 23andme.com? I was wonder is that accurate, too? Thank you!

  40. amenentuet says:

    First an foremost Your Beauty Drew Me Then Your Intelligence Kept Me . Good Post and Excellent back ground Music .

  41. thankyou so much for th resources.

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