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DEBATES make my Brain HURT!

DEBATES make my Brain HURT!

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20 thoughts on “DEBATES make my Brain HURT!

  1. Are you all ok not seen y’all for a few days . Hope you are ok Dina . From Betty in Oklahoma ❣️

  2. Even if you did choose to take off your scarf, what the fuck has it got to do with anyone else? You stay strong and keep doing you.x

  3. ????? enuf about the scarf talk already!!!!!
    Hate to say this but Begining to feel you 2 are running out of good content.
    Don't know about anyone else I was more interested in what your lovely mum was gonna cook for iftaar…. whoa! don't mean to sound like one of those creapy fans…. I'm just a normal sane person who likes normal down to earth people. Just putting it out there….

  4. Hanna’s the star of the show ?

    A relationship with God > a scarf

  5. No Dina it’s not about being more religious and covering, everyone has their own modest you sticking some your hair is your modest , my modest is different every modest is different there’s different kinds

  6. S Naz says:

    is hannah wearing her blue shorts inside out ? so cute bless her x

  7. 6.37 what was that ????

  8. Why is hana’s shorts inside out ?

  9. Your family and ace family are exactly the same!!Husband, Wide and daughter.Vloggers.Happy family.Your both are amazing!!! Check out Ace Family on youtube!!❤️?✨

  10. Nyan an says:

    Agree with everything u said

  11. 13:30 you are spot on right there. Companies don't want controversies.

  12. Laugh it off Dina lol people r always gonna try to force their ideas on u

  13. I love hana she is so cute mashallah

  14. nik nak says:

    THAT was by far one of the best vlogs in terms of summing up how Muslims are with each other: too damn judgemental and too opinionated .
    You ruin lives and Dina you said everything on point!

    We are a joke to those who have no knowledge of Islam but read petty comments.

  15. Did you father force you to wear hijab. It seems you and your sister are rebelling cos you’ve got a little bit of freedom from your dad who is living in Africa. How is your mum coping. Sid, you’re so said trying to ‘trigger’ people – what a boring life lol .

  16. Dina A says:

    I absolutely do agree with you. We face the same problem here in Germany, it's just insane

  17. mrsfazzy says:

    Dina I understand what your saying about your hijab, it's a struggle especially having worn it at the same age you started. But there are so many levels to the hijab. what about the women who don't wear it. Does that make them a bad Muslim. Have the right intention thats all. Look at yourselves people before moaning about some else.

  18. Sippi cup dressed like hanna????

  19. Just look into Qur'an and sunnah and hopefully ur eat ur words dina. I wish u wud stop portraying Islam in such a negative way. It's true wear it properly or don't wear it it's a sign of a Hippocrate. Just such ashame how u two portray Islam anyhow Allah guide us all. Ameen

  20. you have a problem with your faith and عقيدة by
    by. saying that taking off hijab doesn't make you make sin!!! it's really make not on the right way and you're saying things that Allah will ask you about because your going in the deep of Islam and show everything to peaple in the wrong way!!!
    please don't make the people go away from Allah by those behaviors

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