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  1. British people are highly admixed already, and having N Western DNA would be perfectly normal for a British person…many British came from there (the Saxons and the Normans for that matter as well as many Flemings, etc. Many Huguenot families came to Britain as well and Anglicized their names. I have some ancestors in the US who emigrated from Britain. The family name was Miller, but the further back you go it suddenly becomes Mounier, which is "miller" in French. They were Huguenots who fled to Britain). Even having a little Indian DNA could be either from the "Empire" or from some of the early Neolithic Farmers who brought DNA from the MIddle East and a little Further East in Central Asia (hence the Indo-European languages). Many Europeans have some Indian ancestry from the early settlers of Europe. Oddly the same can be said for some of the Native American ancestry (Central American is a "mestizo" signifier…a mix of European and Native). Though some of your ancestry might have come from a family member who went to the Americas and came back a few generations later, it might have been there since the Bronze Age. Turns out there are three "founder" populations of Europe: the "Out of Africa" hunters and gatherers, the Neolithic Farmers from Asia Minor (and parts of Iran), and a Central Asian/North Asian group called by geneticists the Ancestral North Eurasians. This group was mixed with Siberian/Central Asian nomadic hunters as well as Caucasian (literally) peoples (this might be the source of the Indo-European languages in Europe). This group kind of split in two, part went to Europe and part went East through Siberia (picking up more SIberian DNA) and then to the Americas through the Bering Strait. In DNA tests many Northern Europeans (and to a lesser extent Southern Europeans) show up with a little bit of "Native American" DNA which is really an echo of this ancient group that is related to the Indigenous people of the Americas, but is also part of the founding group of Europe.

    Again, though, it may be a family member had a native wife and then his children moved back to the UK…. that happened too.

  2. The new space looks great Craig! And isn’t it fun finding out more about your roots.

  3. i ve told you this site is phoney!! hahahaha
    you are "india" only because the english conquered that part of the world?

    central americas? hahahahahahahaahh what a joke
    i have no resemblance with afros at all and got afros..although i do love blacks..i do not look a day like them.. hahaahahha

  4. yes they do it by random! but we are not sure on whether or how accurate are they!

    i saw people with asian semblante or dark brown skin..getting 72% european result..overall whereas i who is of light skin tone got 55% only!
    the rest were from where?
    central americas..when i m from south america
    39% south european
    . 16% north /west europe and 17% over all África.
    14% negro and 3% north africa..1.5% amazonian indian..
    to me something is not correct.

  5. Ta ha says:

    6:26 "I´m not American" -Ehm didn´t you tell us the opposite at 5:52 that you ARE central American?!?

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