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DNA Swab, from MyHeritage

DNA Swab, from MyHeritage

Drew takes a DNA test from MyHeritage to see if she has the genetics of the Annunaki, Aliens or is just plain Human! We should get the test results back in 4 to 6 weeks so please be sure to check back!

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21 thoughts on “DNA Swab, from MyHeritage

  1. She is so smart these kids learn fast, great job…..

  2. looking forward to see the news

  3. SET Video says:

    Great video! thank you!

  4. Pretty cool. Fun to get the results too.

  5. WAH WAH TV says:

    very nice video my friend

  6. DelvisD says:

    Interesting. Nice video!!!! like
    Thanks for sharing my friend!  Greetings.

  7. We enjoyed watching your video. Well done dear friend. ? 20 from us

  8. StevieJoes says:

    nice hope it is a fun discovery

  9. lets hope your not related to the uks royal family ! ha ha they are a dodgy bunch of characters , Tell the kids no crimes ever !! you will get caught straight away because they have your DNA !! sorry i struggle to be serious. on a serious note this is very interest cool thing to do. i am looking forward to the results, thanks and take care all.

  10. Will be interesting to see what your ancestry comes out to be. Some people are surprised. Looking forward to hearing the results. Of Course, the "tin foil hat" person inside of me is thinking…. The Guvament has your DNA now!…. 🙂

  11. wow i really want to try this now!! 😀 I'm half English half German so mine could be quite interesting haha! Awesome video!

  12. Very cool Things you guys are doing try to know your Blood Line awesome .

  13. i cant wait for the result… i will waiting your next video about this 😀

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