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DNA test MyHeritage

DNA test MyHeritage

DNA test by MyHeritage. How certain is the results? And have you had a DNA test at several providers such as 23AndMe and AncestryDNA? I would be glad to know how they compare.

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17 thoughts on “DNA test MyHeritage

  1. or that you have no native American at all and thus is under the margin of error and instead on loosing time in the non significant 1%, you're European and that's all

  2. I made a video trying to comper my dna results with my reseach.
    Ps.: I am from Brazil, and my family has foreign origins, native american too. This is my video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_YdtlyPOjg&t=330s

  3. Urian Kai says:

    in ancient times, apparently vikings made it to canada from greenland, then went back to scandinavia. it is more eskimo dna for sure.

  4. Foaje says:

    Alright everybody, UPDATE!!!!:
    There is a new beta now at MyHeritage that has changed the estimation drastically!!! It now estimates that I am 97.9 % SCANDINAVIAN, and 2,1 % ITALIAN. What to believe? For now I don't trust their technology too much, I think they still have a little way to go regarding isolating genes from different regions. Not sure if this means I lose my previous ethnicities or if it's till possible I have anything that I list in this video. I might give this some additional years of developing to reach higher accuracy.

  5. The older version results which are less accurate say; 63.3% East European, 23.7% British and Irish, 11.3% West Asian, 1.7% Middle Eastern. And I found some distant relatives in Sweden, Finland and Denmark at DNA matches! Actually we Hungarians and Fins are racial relatives, the Finno-Ugric connection and the Sami people with some Siberian-Mongoloid strain.

  6. I'm Hungarian and this is what my DNA test results came out to be at MyHeritage.com: 62.9% East European, 28.6 Balkan, 5.4% Iberian, 2.1% Italian, 1.0% Amazonian 99.0% Europe Yeaaah! And I'm a native born European.

  7. Midnight says:

    Hey, I haven't done it yet but I do know that on Wegene that they tell you more about your Asian and Native American heritage than other sites.

  8. DJ Trevi says:

    Also it's a proven fact act most Americans have at least 1% Native blood by now.

  9. DJ Trevi says:

    by the way you do have American features, the Jaw!

  10. DJ Trevi says:

    Just cause your family is not colonial does not mean you don't have an ancestor that had sex with a person that had Native DNA. Not all Latinos or white people are colonial, but through marriages, sex, DNA is exchanged get my drift.

  11. VinZus q says:

    Hey. Do you have any known Eastern European ancestors or don't you know where it came from. Cause I have 20,4% Eastern European and 1% Central American as well. I'm Norwegian by the way?

  12. 1ballerina says:

    Very cool results!

  13. 730 Mŷ says:

    Native Americans from North, Central & South America are descendants of Siberians who migrated from Siberia to Alaska. Then Generations later some Siberians from Alaska migrated to Canada, Greenland and the rest of the Americas.

  14. Aha your more Native American than most Americans that claim Native American

  15. Yasmina B says:

    I also want to take this test, but i don't like that it doesn't say exactly how many % you are from which country. It's not very specific.

  16. NHKN says:

    I'm reading a very interesting book "Africans and Native Americans , The Language of Race And The Evolution of Red- Black Peoples" by Jack D Forbes. on page 266 the author states "I have established the high probability, also that Americans kidnapped by the Norse reached northern Europe in the 1000's and early 1400's, and the possibility that Americans from Newfoundland and elsewhere may have been taken to Portugal or other parts of Europe in the 1490's or even earlier." Maybe this sheds a little light on where the Native American came from. Nothing is impossible only highly improbable?

  17. Sono says:

    These tests are very accurate but always have the possibility of minor errors. They explain this about trace regions like your Native American that are 1% can be there or not. If your from Norway you can be almost certain that was just an error.

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