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East Prussian genealogy ostpreussen Lithuania ancestry.com MyHeritage.com

East Prussian genealogy ostpreussen Lithuania ancestry.com MyHeritage.com

Problems and challenges you may encounter, starting with Oma and Opa, knowing where you’re from, and problems you may (and will) encounter!!!!!


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  1. Германцы не знают что предки русских жили на территории северо-восточной Германии как так пропаганда работает)))а кто такие русские не россияне я вам отвечу мы славяне балты и финно-угры в северных районах)))

  2. Lell Mi says:

    Baltic people are Balts. We are not Slavs, we have completely different history, culture and DNA!

  3. deutsche Balten hier? 😀

  4. You look like Lithuanian women lol

  5. Thank God this one is in English.

  6. hi, it might be such a strange comment, but as I was watching similar videos about Lithuanian ancestry DNA results I stumbled on this video. You look so much like some of my family members. Must be traits from the region.

  7. E N says:

    The land from which your ancestors hail was originally Baltic. It was inhabited by two major Baltic tribes, the Skalvians and Curonians. Memel is a Curonian word.

    These Balts were almost completely liquidated by the Teutonic knights, militant German crusaders who mercilessly butchered the local pagan population. The Teutonic knights also attacked Poland and Lithuania proper.

    During the 1400s, many Lithuanian returned to the lands cleansed from their Prussian cousins. When the Grand Master of the Teutonic order (which was subdued and made a vassal of Poland) became Lutheran in 1525, most of the Prussian Lithuanian also became Lutheran. This change of religion seperated the Prussian Lithuanian from his Catholic brethren in Lithuania proper.

    Prussian Lithuanians became an integral part of German Prussia, though they preserved their language and traditions. Many would move to the city of Memel and adopted the German language and culture.

    Culturally, most likely your ancestors lost touch with their Lithuanian roots and became Germans. This also happened to the family of a close friend of mine. Still, culture can be a completely different thing than your deep ancestry, and all of us can be surprised by what we find. Culturally speaking, your immediate family were Germans, and if that is what you identify with, then that is great!!!!

    But a little Baltic mix makes things more interesting and unexpected, considering that Lithuanian and Balto-Slavic history is extremely interesting and colorful as well.:)

  8. Felix says:

    My grandmother always identified as a German because that were her language and culture. I found out on MyHeritage.com that we are 0% German and that part of the family was Baltic. I would recommend you read about Lithuanian Prussians. Short story is that Lithuanians living in Prussia changed language from Lithuanian to German.

    I do also look Baltic and quite frankly the Lithuanians were bad ass, with a very interesting history 🙂 Your DNA do not define you, it is only showing your heritage.

  9. I have to dissapoint you – Memel is also not German word, it is Curonian (Kurische Sprache) which is extinct Baltic language.

  10. Thank you for posting. My great grandfather is recorded in three different census reports as 1)Russian 2)German and 3) Lithuanian I was told he was Lithuanian by my grandmother. This helps a lot!

  11. Kay C says:

    Lithuania was only held by Germany for a short span. Before Germany it was Lithuania. It is not Germany. The people are so genetically different. Before Germany Lithuania was Lithuania and after Germany it belonged to the Soviet (But was still genetically distinct and separate) And now it is Lithuania, not German. That would be like saying that since The Philippines used to be a part of The United States that even though it is independent it still is the USA. I am Lithuanian. 100% Eastern European with no West European ancestry. That is how most Baltic people are. Most of them do not have any German DNA. The cultures are also very different.

  12. You look very lithuanian! I am from Lithuania, so I could easily tell that you look very lithuanian. Klaipeda always belong to Lithuania, even there was a period where this part was occupied, but in the end it was always in Lithuania not in Germany!

  13. It was Germany just for couple of hundred years and before it was Lirhuania (more exactly real Prussians, not Germans calling themselves Prussians) for ages and ages and ages and always was high percentage of Lithuanian peoples, you are just wrong, sorry you feel so down, but real historian Prussians are Lithuanian cousins with almost the same DNA, Germans came later and conquest, It's history, reed more books

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