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  2. just do it says:

    Ite bak lan anadolulu cikti

  3. طلعت لي أيضاً اليهود الإثيوبيون و نيجيريا و الصومال و جنوب أسيا و أختفت في تحليلات أخرى من شركات مختلفة ! معنى ذلك أن النِسب الضئيلة ليست دقيقة لأن التحليل معقد جداً و جميع البشر يشتركون بنسبة 99.95 في المئة ! علم الوراثة و الجينات يتطور بسرعة و أعتقد أن النتيجة ستختلف في المستقبل ! الموقع إلى الآن في الحالة التجريبية 'بيتا' و سيُحدث نفسه كل فترة ليصبح أدق و تضاف أماكن جديدة ,,, شكراً

  4. jew and nigga blood. bah. that are really bad genes

  5. Nice results !,I got similar a DNA test 🙂

    72% WEST ASIAN
    44% Caucasus
    23% Middle eastern
    5% Iraqi Mizrahi jewish

    12% North African (Egypt)
    4% Sephardi Jewish

    12% EUROPEAN
    10% Greek
    2% Italian

  6. Myheritage is not too much accurate, try With FamilyTreeDNA or GEDmatch,
    Family Tree DNA is more specified and detailed coz they have more than 3 Millions of DNA Simples and they even can show u how much levants Blood u have, how much Arabian peninsula/ Persian etc..

  7. Jon T says:

    Portuguese and Spanish have more North African than native Egyptians 0_0

  8. من فين في مصر

  9. Ana Stella says:

    My Heritage is terrible, I advise you to upload your DNA file to other companies. They said all my European ancestors were Iberian. So they took all my Scandinavian, Greek, Scottish and even African ancestors and called them "Iberian". I told them it's not the same a person from Norway than a Greek person and they (or their volunteers) called me a racist. That's all I can say. So I compared it on Gedmatch and Gencove. I have a video where I compare it.

  10. I don't understand some of these tests. why do they show Egyptians with high middle eastern yet other sites like dnatribes show egyptians to be more north african?

  11. mplsridah says:

    Two North Africans: North African and Jewish north African lol

  12. Lin says:

    The Ethiopian Jewish ancestry is actually Yemeni Jewish ancestry…

  13. cool a mix of indo Europeans and amazigh and arabs etc

  14. Hello Bro,Love egypt from Turkey also i got %14 of North african(Egyptian Blood) 😀

  15. joanne says:

    Can the Egyptians go back to being kind and Egyptian, and stop with these stupid tests….?

  16. swnerd -23 says:

    Great video! I'm also Egyptian and my results are: 46.2% North African, 23.6% Middle Eastern, 12.8% Ethiopian Jewish, 10.9% Mizrahi Jewish, 5.6% West African, and 0.9% Ashkenazi Jewish.

  17. damn man my-heritage bullshit again man we are all Jewish according to them do ancestry you will see complete different results, + tones of relatives

  18. هذا كوكتيل و ليس دم

  19. Dil gêrm says:

    36% iranian 🙂

  20. في حد عاقل يعمل فحص مع شركة My Heritage هههههه يا راجل حرام عليك دي معروفة شركة إسرائيلية صهيونية بامتياز و بالاخص لو أنت من الشرق الاوسط – شمال افريقيا

  21. hahahaha, Islam has jewish blood. How does it feel?

  22. Van Graff says:

    Yes pretty logic Fatimids, Mamelouks, Ottomans…

  23. nab dab says:

    عااااا 😀 لسا وصلني النتائج بتاعتي من 3 ايام 😀

  24. Wow ! I thought ur results will be more than 50% middle eastern , u r turlish & moroccan more than egyptian ??

  25. mss mss says:

    ohh you also have Jewish roots. What a mix! i loved it 🙂

  26. inès says:

    I’m surprised you’re 36.8% West Asian and 32.4% North African. I thought you’d be more North African & more Middle Eastern also. Interesting results!

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