1. Bill Summy says:

    Great vid … I had to get one for me….its alot of fun !

  2. Rob G says:

    Would you recommend it with the 22mag for conceal carry?

  3. Love this review.
    I bought the regular grip version with a 61/2 barrel.
    I would like to get the one you have there as well

  4. I got my dad one he's getting up in age but is ex udt-r 1959 to 66 USN Vietnam vet so anyway I figured that the 22mag with cci hp+v 22mags would get someone off him in case of an intruder or other situation and it's light enough for him to handle and shoot proficiently what's you're opinion thanks for your time kabaruser !

  5. Thank you I liked yours had to get one for myself…… I LOVE IT !!

  6. I hate to ask a question from an old video but do you like the birds head grip more or less than the standard cowboy grips on your son's gun. I kind of like the looks and the size of your gun, but I need to special order it at my gun store. Meanwhile they have plenty of 4" barreled rough riders with the standard grip in stock.   

  7. I have a quick question since you have both models, is the trigger guard the same size on both guns? I have giant meathooks, and can't test one of the birds head models for size without buying it on the interweb. Our local has one of the rough riders in stock and it fits- barely. I look at the pics, and this thing looks tiny. I'd hate to replay that zip22 fiasco. I couldn't use that at all.

  8. May I ask what the total length of this gun is?

  9. I wish I could get one ) :

  10. Looks like a nice revolver. I've been interested in Heritage firearms for awhile. I heard that Taurus USA bought Heritage.

  11. Tom Ritter says:

    thanks again grouping 25 about 2inch mark if im on and the right ammo but generally 3  inch off hand

  12. Nice Pistol Tom.. Have a great Thanksgiving my friend!

  13. Great review and nice little pistol too. I've been wanting a pistol for a long time. It's time I get my permit before it gets even harder than it is now. Thanks for sharing,
    ATB, Steve…

  14. Nice little pistol Tom. Great video.

  15. Dean O says:

    make that 18,001, 

  16. Looks like a fun little pistol, do you get to shoot it much?

  17. I heard "Hey Dad!" You're a good man and I know you love your son a lot. Good to see you still making videos.

  18. & most of the stuff outta that kit is going 2 the boy anyways just needed a good whistle & fire steel so the other stuff is just a bonus lol

  19. Sry kabar but I dnt know how to reply anyway but this on my phone.but thanks for the advice & the comment but yeah all the BG stuff is made by Gerber so that shld be ok & just that little light is kinda crapy but I have backups x 10 lol

  20. TheALOwens says:

    Cool little pistol, Tom!  Thanks for the review, +kabaruser !!

  21. MCK says:

    thinkin bout scoring one these at the Jan. gun show, thx for sharing

  22. Had a gun like this go off next to my head, I must of had finger on trigger, light trigger pull, I learned the hard way

  23. GunCrazy81 says:

    Very Nice job Tom. I looks like a pretty sweet gun. I think my brother has one of them

  24. I'm sad watching this video. =( Pistols are not allowed for the average person up here. Have to have restricted license and all, so basically i have only known hunting shotguns and rifles, tho i never had much in those either just single shot shotguns and 22 semi or single shot. Had a 410 and 22lr over under combo once and the 30/30 winchester. lol So your kinda lucky to have handled so many types of firearms and ability to own and use a pistol. Hell as a boy we all wanted to fire a pistol, after watching cowboy movies, here its not an option with out alot of bs. take care bro and smile your a lucky man.

  25. Thanksman says:

    Great review. Nice little reolver. I love the birds head model. Thanks for taking the time to review it.

  26. TRprepper says:

    Didn't know anybody who had one, thanks for the info.

  27. nice video,have a great weekend

  28. these are great guns for the price. you can't beat them. Robert

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