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GED match vs Ancestry DNA results Part 1

GED match vs Ancestry DNA results Part 1

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Correction: I
I do have oceanian dna and that includes polynesia

ancestry dna results 89% african, 11% european. 3 highest % of african: ivory coast ghana 22%, nigeria 16%, south eastern bantu 14%. I forgot to add that it. showed German ancestry. Also the Libyan specified as Libyan Jew and Ethiopian as Ethiopian Jew. I did have Melanesian (oceanian).
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  1. 444suse says:

    The Native Americans have genetic lineages from Japan, China, South East Asia, Siberia and Central Asia. From there they arrived to Americas via Bering Peninsula. And when you have lineage in North Africa you surely have connection to our Arab world and to places like Sicily and Spain. You also have likely lineage to Finno-Ugric people (Finland, perhaps in northern Norway Kvens, Ingrians who lived between Estonia and Finland) especially Finns whose descents have moved to USA.

  2. Well aren't You just a special type of African aren't ya…nice results…

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