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GEDMatch Ancestry Results

GEDMatch Ancestry Results

I submitted my 23andMe ancestry DNA to GEDMatch, this is the result. Submit your predictions in the comics section before watching . I hope you enjoy. Follow me on Instagram


11 thoughts on “GEDMatch Ancestry Results

  1. rolandz says:

    If your only looking ethnicity use National Geographic their ethnic break down is most accurate. I believe they were the first to offer dna kits.

  2. The Moroccans were heavily involved in the slave trade. The Arab slave trade made heavy use of eunuchs, so presumably most Moroccans/North Africans with Subsaharan/black ancestry would be female only.

  3. Isn’t Luo Barack Obama’s tribe?

  4. What's part of southeast Asian are you?

  5. I don't believe that you have all of those heritages, those are the populations your DNA was compared to. Your results will be on your color wheel page. This is my understanding of GEDmatch.

  6. Jordan D says:

    myheritage didn’t work for me when i uploaded my dna

  7. Kandi P. says:

    The distances (population approximations) don't indicate that you have ancestry from those places, it shows you how close you are genetically to people from those regions

  8. Kandi P. says:

    Hey leron, good results, let's find out were related (not that we didn't know lol)

  9. Ancestry.com gives you the exact African Country, and I believe have a larger database.

  10. Cree X says:

    ASW is African Americans of the Southwest.

  11. I believe that many of the DNA labs are fraudulent … take the results with a grain of salt …

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