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GEDmatch and Dna.land Results African Tribes

GEDmatch and Dna.land Results African Tribes

These are my GEDmatch and Dna.land results for my African regions.


24 thoughts on “GEDmatch and Dna.land Results African Tribes

  1. Mrstairra says:

    You are amazing! First of all, you are a Tyra! "all of us Tyra's are sisters in my head, some sort of club" Most of the time we fit our name very well. lol . As I was watching your video proudly noticing your intellect, and hunger for this knowledge as your great personality shines through. You look like my people! I can tell you have that super thick hair like mine, I'm sitting here saying 'that's my nose" , that's my mom's forehead. lol Although we are not Gullah , we are from inland in Kershaw and Fairfield, I can't help but think that you are probably my family. My ancestry results came from Mali and Nigeria and I want to know more. So thank you for all the info about the GEDmatch. Keep up the good work. Liked & subscribed.

  2. I love intelligent girls ?

  3. BlackiNews says:

    Your not African American, African Americans are people that just arrived to USA and became US citizens

  4. Did that chart come with one of the kits ?

  5. 444suse says:

    4:06…. your list of European DNA very much suggesting group of Finnish/Northwest Russia because including Finland, there is also Mordovian, Chuvash, Estonian, Lithuanian etc… These regions are Y-DNA haplo group N1c stronghold which is quite rare in Western Europe and British Isles (less than 1%) but very common in Finland (61%, in eastern part over 70%), Estonia (38%), Lithuania (40%). Have you ancestors who have lived in Minnesota, Michigan or State of New York?

  6. Me and your results are similar I'm gullah also and I'm 95.4 percent African. I think I'm mandinka also.

  7. Rebmetpes4 says:

    your hair is quite sexy!

  8. Growing up (I’m a bit over 50 yrs old) I was told there was “Indian” in our family. Present day, I know the correct usage is Native American. My Ancestry dna results indicated <1% NA. However, DNALAND returned an estimate which included Amazonian tribes Karitana and Surui (1.2%) in Brazil along with Gujarati Indian (1.7%) from India. Small percentages but still there. Thank you for sharing your results.

  9. Bea Liv says:

    Gullah peoples also have ties with indigenous Americans or those who left africa long b4 the pale people.

  10. Mari E says:

    I know my african ancestry and I didn't come up as fang which is 85% of the population where I'm from

  11. Wow Im from South Carolina as well. I did my ancestry test a few months back and our regions and % breakdown is almost identical plus or minus a few points.

  12. Ur beautiful with a nice smile

  13. She needs to do a Youtube search and another DNA test for the E1B1A marker as most likely she is of the ancient Hebrew Israelites.

  14. Beautiful results for a beautiful young lady

  15. this is literally my favorite dna channel! you are by far one of the most knowledgeable people on youtube in terms of ethnic breakdown ?

  16. hey I'm from Cameroon, home of the bamoun. great video. since you are a Hausa I'll teach you a phrase. Sannu, Barka Kaday= hello, how are you?

  17. come at home i will teach you the langage!

  18. both my parents are mandinka and you got more mandika features  i can see that!

  19. A says:

    Hey Tyra, we're cousins, I'm Mende and Madingo from Sierra Leone! It's true that the Madingo ppl came from NW Africa. My grandma's side of the family is actually Madingo-Mende because when the Madingos came into that part of Sierra Leone they mixed with them so they're a mixed culture and they tend to speak both languages. They need more DNA testing in SL I've seen very few ppl on YouTube with Mende results. I'd love to take one of these tests to see if I have any more tribes besides Mende Madingo and Kissi. Thanks for sharing!

  20. @tyravlogs is it admixture oracle ? Then type in African in the search?

  21. What did you click on , on gedmatch to find your African tribes?

  22. Very nice video. You have done  a great deal of research! I have done three tests as well(Ancestry, Gedmatch, and today Dna Land. Results varied a little from each other, but DNA Land picked up regions that GedMatch showed, but Ancestry missed. So I am approximately 79-81% African, and the remaining, European, Asian, and Middle Eastern. Once again, I enjoyed your video and the details  you described about your known ancestors (Gullah)!

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